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Millennials Love To Travel

It’s no secret that millennials like to travel. Recent studies have even shown that young people would rather go on a...

10 Reasons Why You Need A Safe

You may never have thought about owning a safe. In fact, if I were to ask you, “Ever thought about buying a safe?” yo...

Refer A Friend

Share the love of your MyCube safe with a friend or relative and once we get their order we will send you a black Alo...

Dude Where's My Passport!?

Do you remember that early 2000's movie with Ashton Kutcher called Dude Where's My Car? Well, have you ever thought t...

MyCube: The First Personal Designer Safe

MyCube is a personal designer safe unlike anything you've really ever seen.

Get Rid of Your Fear

A customer of ours recently called to tell her horrifying story of 8 men at the entrances of her house trying to get ...

MyCube Makes A Statement

Have you ever looked to purchase a safe and thought, “where can I hide that boxy safe?” MyCube is a third generation ...

The Meaning of Security

What does security mean to you? Is it locking the front door at night? Is it having enough money in your retirement a...

MyCube at The Architectural Digest Show

MyCube presented at the 2019 Architectural Digest show where 30,000 people came to see the best new designs for the home.

MyCube Removes Your Worry

Having a MyCube safe to secure and organize your valuables greatly reduces your day to day worries.

Sleek Hotel Safes

Why shouldn’t safes in your hotel room be as important as the feel of luxurious towels and linens or ambient remote-c...

MyCube Removes Your Worry

Have you ever “lost” your keys in your apartment? Or can’t find those precious earrings you hid when you left for the...
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