Introducing the Best Biometric Safe, Upscaled
Introducing the Best Biometric Safe, Upscaled

Mycube is always trying to push the boundaries of what a home safe can be, making some of the best biometric safes, best wireless safes, and best general home safes out there. This means that we're always looking to expand our offerings to better fit with what all of our customers need. With so many people loving the Biocube, it made sense to create an in-drawer version.

For many, the best biometric safe was the smaller and discrete versions. However, we also understand that some people might have valuables that are a little bit larger. Some people might be looking for a biometric safe for artwork. Others have a need for a biometric rifle safe. As great as our previous Biocube products have been, they have their size limits.

Introducing the Biocube Professional

It was with all these concerns in mind that we took to creating the Biocube Professional. This new safe features the same great Mycube design, as well as the same intuitive and secure Biocube biometric locking system. However, there's plenty more to this safe, including the following:

Heavy Duty

The Biocube Professional is the largest safe we've made and comes with all the standard Mycube levels of security. It's 80 pounds and features 12 tamper-proof bolts and an auto-locking door. If you don't want someone getting into your Biocube Professional, they aren't getting in.

Biometric Locking Mechanism

Just like in our other Biocube products, the Biocube Professional has a secure and easy-to-use Biometric locking mechanism. Gaining access to your belongings is as easy as the press of a finger. Better yet, you can store up to 10 fingerprints, giving you total control over who does and doesn't have access to the safe. Plus, for backup, the safe features a key, as well as a keypad. When it comes to fast access, this is the best biometric safe out there.

Flexible Storage

What really differentiates the Biocube Professional from our previous Biocube offerings is the size. The tall interior can hold pretty much anything that you want, and even has notches for up to 6 rifles or other longer items. This makes it among the best gun safes with biometric locks out there. However, it also comes with an internal lockbox mounted at the top, great for holding smaller items. No matter what you need to secure, the Biocube Professional can handle it.

Easy to Set Up

Despite the Biocube Professional being one of our more ambitious creations, it's just as simple as any of our other products to get set up and rolling. The Biocube Professional comes with free LTL ground shipping with a delivery appointment included in its cost. It also comes with pre-drilled bolt holes and a full installation hardware kit. Not only that, but it comes with a 35-day trial and a lifetime warranty. Setting up Biocube's biometrics is easy as well, with a full installation and product manual right on our website. So if you've been looking for a biometric rifle safe, or just the best biometric safe for larger items, you can stop looking - the Biocube Professional is here.