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Praise for MyCube

  • My wife and I have had our MyCube safe for two years and we use it every day. I put my keys in the safe. We keep our passports, jewelry and watches inside. We find it so easy to use!
    — Tom G. Dallas, TX
    We have bought 8 MyCube safes! One for our home and one for each of our four children who are off at college, and three for our friends as gifts. We think the safes make a great wedding or housewarming gift. Thank you for answering my question today. We appreciate your excellent customer service.
    — Donna S, Huntington, N.Y.
    When we bought our condo in Florida we also bought a MyCube. We then decided to rent our home and feel such a sense of security in being able to keep some valuables protected when others are using our place. It’s been a great addition to our closet!
    — Alyssa B, Miami. FL
  • I am a real estate developer in Brooklyn, and included in all the amenities in the building, I decided to add a MyCube safe to every unit. It’s an extra added benefit to my customers because it helps give them peace of mind.
    — Arlen L, Brooklyn, N.Y.
    I bought the hot pink for my daughter and she loves it! She has learned the importance of keeping her secret treasures organized and safe. I like the fact that she has taken the responsibility to protect what she holds dear.
    — Victoria P, Chicago, Ill
    Not only are these safes cool to use, they are glamorous! Silver is my favorite and I use it most to store my jewelry and watches. It gives me a sense of freedom and security when I am away on vacation.
    — Kim R, Los Angeles, CA
  • I bought 5 MyCubes for the office and now my staff can go to the gym during lunchtime and put their bags, keys and other valuables away while they are out. I plan on adding more as we grow into a larger company.
    — David P, Portland, OR
    Thanks to your exceptional customer service I was able to figure out how to unlock my mother’s safe when she forgot her code. She uses the safe in her home and it gives her a sense of security and peace of mind. Plus she loves how easy it is to use.
    — Darlene W, Atlanta, GA
    We have a boutique hotel in upstate New York and loan iPads to our guests. When I came across MyCube I thought what a wonderful way to protect the iPads with style that matches the room décor. We ordered orange safes and actually painted our hotel sign to match. Thanks to the team at MyCube for sharing your beautiful orange color with us!
    — Brett L, Hudson, N.Y.

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