Burglaries Happen
Burglaries Happen

I heard a touching story yesterday from a customer who needed a question answered. After helping her, she shared with me the fact that she had been burglarized. We talked about the amount of time a burglar spends in your home and agreed they take what is easiest to grab. Often she leaves her costume jewelry on her dresser thinking that if it was stolen it wouldn’t be a big deal. 

But then she started thinking, what if she lost the handmade bracelet and necklace made by her daughter in art class? Or the diamond ring from her grandmother. How would she feel? Even though there was no material value lost in this case, the emotional value was priceless. She was grateful to have a MyCube to store not only her passport and medicines but also those precious pieces of jewelry made at summer camp by her children. And they remained safe. And then the burglar left. 

We at MyCube believe that precious memories deserve to be safe. 

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Give yourself the gift of security for those precious items you treasure