MyCube: The First Personal Designer Safe
MyCube: The First Personal Designer Safe

Have you ever thought about purchasing a safe to keep your valuables secure? When you do think about it, what comes to mind when you think of a safe? What does it look like? How easy is it to use, to open, to see inside? 

MyCube is the first designer safe company that cares about matching the importance of security with style. No other home safe in this affordable price range compares with MyCube. 

Here are the outstanding features:

  • MyCubes come in high gloss designer colors that fit perfectly on any standard sized shelving
  • MyCubes include and interior light that turns on when the door is opened and a soft suede pad at the bottom of the safe
  • Open your MyCube with an illuminated digital lock
  • 1 button push locking for easy use
  • Made of ⅛” thick reinforced steel
  • Includes MyKit which contains all of the installation hardware, batteries, keys and user manual