Mycube’s Best Sellers - What Makes Them So Special?
Mycube’s Best Sellers - What Makes Them So Special?

Mycube's Best Sellers - What Makes Them So Special?

Our Mycube collection is something like our children - we love them all equally, and would never admit otherwise in front of them; however, it is true that some members of the Mycube family have gained a special place not just in our hearts, but in the hearts of our customers. If you're uncertain about where to start with the Mycube collection, these “bestsellers" are always a great place to begin. But what has made them so beloved? Here, we'll go over the best-selling Mycube products, and explain why customers have fallen in love with them - and if they might be the right Mycube for you.

Mycube Classic

With a name like that, how couldn't this be a best seller? Everyone loves a classic, and the Mycube Classic has been among the best home safes on the home safe market, since the earliest days of Mycube. The Mycube classic has gained its fan-favorite status through good old-fashioned reliability when it comes to keeping your valuables safe. With a solid steel casing and a tamper-proof door, the Mycube Classic is a great way to protect your valuables.

Of course, protecting your valuables is the minimum you'd expect from any safe. The Mycube Classic is so special because it does this with style. It's large enough to fit a wide variety of valuables, but at a sensible size and weight that lets it find a home anywhere in your house. And with such a stylish exterior, you're going to want to put it out in plain sight.

So if you aren't sure where to start with the Mycube line of safes, there's no better place than at the beginning. If you aren't sure you have the space, you can always pick up a Mini as well!


Part of the Mycube philosophy is that of innovation and pushing the boundaries of what a safe can be. That desire for innovation is what made the Mycube Classic so stylish - why should safes be ugly monstrosities instead of elegant set pieces? The Biocube has carried that spirit of innovation to its current popularity. With the ability to read and store multiple fingerprints, the Biocube can recognize your entire family and reserve access for them only.

Innovation is only one part of what makes a Mycube a Mycube, however. Empathy is also key. We want to give the best possible customer experience to everyone who purchases and uses a Mycube, and this biometric home safe is emblematic of this belief. There's no better way to get quick access to your belongings - your valuables are just the press of a finger away. This makes owning a safe easy, simple, and even, dare we say, fun.

If you're looking for quick convenience, then the Biocube is a great place to start. If you check out our shop you'll also see that it features In Drawer and Mini versions too!


Innovation and fun are great, but they aren't going to be what you're thinking about if your valuables end up lost and stolen. Another key component of the Mycube experience that we strive for is peace of mind. It's not enough to provide a way to lock up your valuables. You should have total assurance that your belongings are right where you left them, every moment of the day. You should also have the assurance that those valuables are in the same condition you left them in!

It's this desire for total security that has made the Firecube such a popular addition to our Mycube lineup. This fireproof home safe offers one-hour fire protection against temperatures of up to 1200 degrees. Apart from this great fire resistance, it also features all the style, protection, and convenience you'd expect out of a Mycube product.

If you're worried about housefires, then the Firecube is the perfect Mycube product. You can put all your worries about the safety of your belongings aside, confident that they're always where you left them, in the same state. If you're picking up a Firecube, make sure to check out our Fire Safe Trays as well!


At Mycube, we're all about changing up what a safe can be. We've designed the world's smartest safe in the iCube. Whether you're a technology enthusiast, or just want the easiest safe user experience, the iCube puts ease of use at your fingertips - no matter where you are. This is because the iCube connects to a secure cellular cloud, that you can connect to with your smartphone to control your safe from anywhere in the world - and receive tamper alerts too. This means that you can open, lock, and check the contents of your safe remotely, all from your phone. You can also manage multiple iCubes from the Mycube Safe app and add additional users in case you want to share a safe with a loved one or colleague.

We offer plenty of variants in size and color to our safes, and are introducing new products all the time, so make sure to always keep an eye on our shop!