Get Rid of Your Fear
Get Rid of Your Fear

A customer of ours recently called to tell her horrifying story of 8 men at the entrances of her house trying to get in. She was able to see them through a phone app on video. “Fortunately,” she said, “I knew my stuff was safe inside because I had your safes securely placed in the house.” In fact she told me that she had two safes, one for her jewelry and her husband’s watches and one for important documents such as her passport and extra cash.

We live in a world where security is an alarming issue, where fear can disrupt our lives and create unnecessary stress.

Why take the chance that what you value and is irreplaceable could wind up in the hands of a stranger or thief.

We at MyCube believe that the freedom to feel safe in your own home is of paramount importance. It is your right. MyCube makes affordable safes that take the edge off of fear and anxiety. And they are beautiful too!