Craziest Places People Have Hidden Safes
Craziest Places People Have Hidden Safes

Craziest Hiding Places People Came Up With

At Mycube, we're all about making the best small homes safes that you can be proud to show off, due to their style. However, while we're all about flaunting your impeccable taste, there are plenty of people who prefer to go for the hidden home safe.

Since we make some of the best small home safes, Mycubes are perfectly safe sitting out in the open. However, plenty of people prefer to keep their Mycubes discrete, placing them in out-of-the-way locations.

However, there are some people who go even further in their attempts to make the perfect hiding place. For fun, we'll go over some of our favorite crazy hiding places for valuables we've seen.

#1 In a Fridge

Let's start off with a very cool…. We don't think we can actually finish this pun. However, plenty of people figure that the kitchen is one of the last place that a burglar would look for valuables. Assuming they aren't hungry for a mid-robbery snack, of course. And who would really think about looking in a fridge?

#2 Under a Stair

No, not under the stairs. Under a stair. Some people have gotten the clever idea that you can create a "false stair" in any staircase in your home. This is a great place to put a little cubbyhole, or even a false drawer if you're very ambitious. Just make sure you can remember which stair it is…

#3 In Pillows

The idea of hiding valuables inside of the fabric of objects isn't too crazy. Lots of people have sewn things into their clothes in order to smuggle them around. So it's not too strange that people have made hidden compartments inside throw pillows to stash their goods. Some people have even used stuffed animals as hiding places

#4 In Dog Food

Literally putting your jewelry in dog food probably isn't the ideal scenario. But you can find plenty of fake dog food containers out there that are designed to hide and protect your valuables. Out of all the things a thief might find in your kitchen, dog food is probably the last one they're going to want to try to eat.

#5 In a Book

Maybe you want something a bit more "classical" than a container of dog food. Well, what could be more classic in the game of adult hide-and-seek than the hollowed-out book? If you have a home library, you can easily sneak a book-hidden home safe among all your other volumes.

#6 Inside a Vacuum Cleaner

This one sounds pretty inconvenient, but some people who have old-style bag vacuum cleaners have tucked jewelry or other valuables up away inside them. Just make sure that your family knows which is the storage vacuum cleaner, and which is the "real" one!

#7 In a Clock

Wall clocks that are custom designed as safes are more common than you may think. Just like with the fake book, these are great ways to sneak hidden items into the decor of a room. If its mounted high on a wall, this hidden home safe is also good for keeping valuables out of the reach of curious children.

Hidden or In Plain Site, Mycube Always Works

Thinking up fun places to stash stuff is certainly an enjoyable exercise. The creativity involved makes you feel like a kid again, trying to stash toys or candy. However, in the end, any place you put your valuables is only as safe as its last line of defense. Better than just a hidden home safe is a hidden home safe that intruders can't get into.

All of the Mycube home safes in our shop feature robust interiors, tamper-proof bolts, and secure locking mechanisms, from biometrics to wireless. No matter which Mycube you get, you can be certain that your valuables are safe, secure and right where you left them.