The Safe You Never Knew You Needed
The Safe You Never Knew You Needed

Just the other day I received a call from a gentleman who had a question on his safe. He proceeded to tell me that he and his wife had some money left over when buying their closet system and decided to buy an accessory to the closet, a MyCube Mini safe. Then he said “ We love our safe. It’s the safe we never knew we needed!” 

We hear this a lot from our buyers. How convenient it is to be able to secure such items as passports, jewelry, watches, important documents, extra keys, prescription medication, knowing that they are all in a safe place, knowing where they are and ultimately giving you peace of mind.

We all deserve to have a MyCube! What’s more important than safety, knowing where your things are and peace of mind? 

Choose from a variety of glossy colors and sizes, or add our latest MyCube Fire to your collection now available in glossy white or black.

Shop at and become a valued MyCube family member!

Free summer shipping anywhere in the US! 

Thank you

Lois and the team at MyCube