Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our safes are guaranteed for life against normal wear and tear. If your safe malfunctions or stops working at any time throughout original ownership, we will provide you with replacement parts at no cost. 

1 Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Parts Guarantee:

1. First year of ownership - In the event of a safe malfunction during your first year of ownership, we will replace any parts or exchange the entire safe,* at no cost. 
    • *Cosmetic Damages are not included in the 1-year or lifetime warranty. All of our safes go through strict quality controls prior to being packed and shipped. In the unlikely event your safe arrives with cosmetic defects, you must reach out to us within the 35 day return window for next steps.
2. After 1 year, Mycube will continue to provide replacement parts only, at no cost.
    • Please note, the iCube has a 1 year warranty.
    3. Batteries and user error are not covered under this warranty. We highly recommend changing out your batteries every 12-16 months, to avoid the batteries running out, causing a lock out of your safe. 
        • The Biocube Pro and Biocube Max Fire have lithium batteries that require charging every 6 months. Under warranty, we will replace these batteries at no cost should either stop working.
      4. Each safe* comes with a manual key in the event a keypad stops working. We recommend registering your manual key on our website and keeping your keys outside the safe. 
        • *The Firecube Generation 2 excludes a manual key
      5. Warranty applies to all safe products* with original proof of ownership and is not transferable.
        • *Warranty does not apply to Generation 1 and 2 Classic Safes. 

      Damages and Catastrophic Events: 

      Our lifetime guarantee does not include replacement or repair in the event of attempted burglary, successful theft, water/flood damage, fire* or other catastrophic event. MyCube is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items or damages caused by tampering. We encourage you to check with your homeowners insurance or renter's insurance policy to see if your home safe can be included in your policy, to insure against these types of events. 

      * Our fireproof safes are guaranteed to keep items safe from fire up to 1 hr at 1700 degrees. If you experience a fire, your safe is not covered under warranty for replacement, but we will service any parts. 

      Mycube reserves the right to modify the terms of this warranty at any time.