Dude Where's My Passport!?
Dude Where's My Passport!?

Do you remember that early 2000's movie with Ashton Kutcher called Dude Where's My Car? Well, have you ever thought to yourself, Dude Where's My Passport? I know I have. Do you ever feel overwhelmed because you can’t find your passport as you pack for your vacation? Or can’t find the earrings you took off the other night? Or maybe that second set of keys to your car? MyCube is your simple solution! 

At MyCube we have developed a product that helps you remember to keep your stuff in one spot, so you know where everything is, it keeps honest people honest as handymen, cleaning people and dog walkers access your home, and it eases your nerves knowing that your valuables will remain in your hands.

MyCube is convenient, easy to use and stylish, so you don’t have to hide the safe in the bottom of your closet and get on your hands and knees to open it. There is a removable shelf, an illuminated interior, a soft suede pad and accessory trays available to purchase to organize jewelry, watches, and other valuables. 

Please visit our website: www.mycubesafe.com to view all of the MyCube products and place your order on line. Any questions, our 24/7 customer service is available to help! 

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