The Safe Unlike Any Other Safes
The Safe Unlike Any Other Safes

From time to time we get asked about the MyCube difference. “With the variety of safes on the market, why should I buy a MyCube? Afterall I can just go to Amazon to buy a safe.” When making a product purchase, there are a variety of factors you need to consider, and you often get what you pay for.

Many of our customers purchase a MyCube having just bought a safe on Amazon because they have “no idea how to use it, don’t know how to install it, and it has an ugly finish with no visibility inside the safe.” MyCube safes are a bit more expensive but that’s because we have spent the past 8 years perfecting our safes, and safes are all we focus on. Amazon has millions of products that they offer, and there’s simply no way for them (or marketplaces like them) to offer the level of quality and service that a company like MyCube offers when it comes to safes.

If you buy a safe from a large ecommerce marketplace and something goes wrong with it, who are you going to call? An overseas customer service center who is dealing with questions about thousands of other products that they sell. There is simply no way for them to provide the level of detail that is required for such an important item as a safe. We offer around the clock customer support and are here to help with any issue you need. When you call, you get a live person from MyCube who has the expertise to know how to help handle any situation. 

All of our MyCube products come in high gloss finishes in a variety of colors. Most safes you find on Amazon have either a plastic finish or an orange peel finish which is rough to the touch and hard on the eyes. If you have a beautiful home pantry or closet, and then you install a cheap safe, it will stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the overall aesthetic that you just invested in for the rest of your home.

Additionally, our safes feature an internal light on the inside of the safe so that when you open the door, you can actually see what’s inside your safe and you can locate your items easily. Many of the safes you find online are black in color and when you open the safes, it’s very difficult to see inside them. Moreover, because they are cumbersome with no good way to install them, the safes often sit on the bottom of a closet making it very difficult to access them, which then reduces the amount you use them which only increases your susceptibility to theft.

MyCube safes come with an internal bolt-in kit and are designed to fit on all standard sized shelves so that you can place your MyCubes at waist height allowing for easy access to your safe. We also have a soft bottom pad inside our safes that you can use to place jewelry and other items of value on so that they remain safe and do not get scratched. 

We pride ourselves on attention to detail - from the video tutorials on our site, to the operation manual that comes inside our MyKit box inside each safe. We want the customer experience to be a truly remarkable one and leave you feeling that when it comes to safes, MyCube is the clear choice.