How To Feel Safe at Home With Valuables
How To Feel Safe at Home With Valuables

There is a big difference between being safe and feeling safe. A recent study found that more than half (52 percent) of Americans feel like they're in imminent danger at least once per day. The study also found that 42 percent didn't feel safe when they were alone. Life can be pretty tricky when you can't even find peace in the confines of your home.

These fears shouldn't just be dismissed as simple paranoia and general anxiety. Home break-ins are a real thing that occurs thousands of times every day across the United States. Experiencing a home break-in can be distressing, and it's more likely to happen when you have valuables worth stealing.

Before you get too scared, there's not all doom and gloom. The continued evolution of technology has created unique opportunities in crime prevention and deterrence. Unfortunately, crime is a societal issue that might never be wholly eradicated. But modern technology can keep you, your loved ones, and all your valuables safe.

5 Simple Ways To Feel Safer at Home

It's difficult to put an exact price on your peace of mind and sense of safety. If you're planning on using technology to help provide these emotions, it will cost you some money.

The good news is that as technology continues to improve, the price of it continues to drop. For example, home video surveillance is much easier and more convenient than in the 1980s.

Here are 5 ways that you can use technology to feel safer at home:

  1. Put Your Valuables in a Safe
  2. Install Security Cameras
  3. Take Advantage of Smart Home Technology
  4. Get a Dog
  5. Build Relationships With Neighbors

Put Your Valuables in a Safe

A safe represents the last line of defense against thieves. If a thief has made it to your safe, all your other security layers have failed. Having a safe is a bit like having life insurance: you hope you never need to use it, but you'll be very thankful in the event you do.

It's easy to lump all safes into the same category. While you can be forgiven for thinking a safe is just a strong box with a locking mechanism, that's not quite right. A wide variety of safes are available to meet customers' specific needs. You'll need to choose which safe is suitable for you by considering the different attributes offered by other safes.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are a very effective tool for fighting crime for 2 different reasons:

First, their presence is often enough to prevent a burglar from going through a robbery. Breaking into an empty house with zero witnesses and leaving behind no evidence is way easier when there's no camera.

The second reason isn't about preventing crime but punishing those responsible. If a burglar continues the break-in despite seeing the cameras, you'll have video evidence to turn over to the police. It's easier to catch a criminal and prosecute them when they're on tape committing the burglary.

Take Advantage of Smart Home Technology

The concept of intelligent home technology first appeared in the early 2000s. The idea was to create a futuristic home by granting users access to various features and controls. The problem was that the technology wasn't quite there yet. After all, these were the dark times of technology when dial-up was still the best way to connect to the internet.

Fortunately, technology has come a long way in the last few decades. The combination of Wi-Fi and smartphones has dramatically increased the capability of innovative home technology. You can now access security cameras, motion sensors, timed locks and lights, various alarms, and door/window sensors from your cell phone. It took less than 20 years for the dreams of early innovative home technology innovators to become a reality.

Get a Dog

Dogs aren't a recent development created by technology. Dogs have been "man's best friends" for well over 20,000 years now. When you think about it, dogs are the original home security system. Before electricity could provide modern security, people relied on dogs to help ward off potential intruders.

The benefits of having a "lo-fi" security system like a dog extend far beyond helping to deter burglars. For example, owning a dog will help to keep you more physically active and help fight off loneliness. It's hard to be scared in your own home when your best friend in the world is by your side and ready to protect you at all costs.

Build Relationships With Neighbors

A strong relationship with your neighbors turns a collection of houses on the street into a neighborhood. Modern technology has made meeting and building relationships with your neighbors much easier. Instead of showing up at their door with a casserole, you can create a group on social media and invite them to join.

Building stronger relationships with your neighbors will provide you with more than just a new group of friends. You'll be able to watch over each other's houses and help to keep them safe. A home security system might be able to watch over the inside of your home, but a strong neighborhood watch can create a network of security for the outside of it.

How To Choose the Right Safe for Your Home

The best way to build home security is to work your way outward. Getting a safe should be the priority: installing a home security system, getting a dog (if you don't already have one), and building a relationship with your neighbors.

Selecting a safe is more complex than you might think. There are many options, and you'll need one to fit your specific needs. Think of it like buying a car: a minivan is a much better fit when you have 3 children than a two-door coupe. The same logic should carry over to purchasing a safe.

What's the Best Smart Safe?

Smart safes are one of the hottest new trends in safety technology. Several options utilize your Wi-Fi and operate like any other "smart" device in your home. While it might be a neat trick to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to open your safe, it's not exactly a secure one. It's much easier for someone to hack into your Wi-Fi than it will be to crack open your safe.

That's why the iCube is the best option for a smart safe. Instead of just piggybacking on your Wi-Fi signal, the iCube comes with its own specific and secured cellular cloud. On top of that, the iCube app also provides a few additional features.

You'll be able to keep a running inventory of your safe's contents and grant remote access to other users. You can set alerts to inform you whenever these extra users open up the safe. Best of all, if someone does try to tamper with your iCube, you'll receive real-time alerts.

What's the Best Safe for Guns?

Guns are a very commonly used method for home protection. Although they can be instrumental in certain times, they are always dangerous and should be treated with the utmost respect. The best way to ensure that guns don't cause more harm than necessary is to properly store them in a gun safe.

The best safe for your guns will largely depend on the type of gun you are storing. The Biocube or Biocube Mini are excellent options for storing smaller firearms such as a pistol. On the other hand, you might need to opt for the Biocube Professional if you have shotguns or rifles that need to be secured. It's the perfect size to hold those larger guns.

What's the Best Drawer Safe?

Bigger isn't always better, and that's certainly the case when it comes to owning a safe. One of the problems with having a safe is that it kind of signals to thieves where your valuables are stored. While they might be unable to crack into your safe, it will not stop them from trying.

By using a small safe instead, you'll be able to hide it much easier and prevent thieves from ever laying eyes on it. For example, the Biocube In-Drawer safe lives up to its name and fits comfortably inside a drawer. There won't be any need to rearrange your area to find a place for your safe, and you'll have an extra layer of security by keeping it out of plain sight.

What's the Best Biometric Safe?

Biometric information is one of the newest and most secure forms of identity verification. Before, you've seen this type of security measure in high-tech spy thrillers. Instead of using a combination, safe key, or numbered passcode to enter your safe, you would use your fingerprint, voice, or retina.

The Biocube is a safe with the latest and greatest in biometric technology. The way that it works is straightforward. You would start by pressing your finger against the safe, which reads your unique fingerprint via scanner. The fingerprint will now be logged as the official entry code to your safe. All that you'll have to do to gain entry in the future is simply press the scanner pad.


Feeling unsafe in your own home is an awful feeling that can significantly lower your quality of life. Fortunately, the evolution of technology has made it much easier to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your valuables.

Following a few of the above methods is a great way to increase your feelings of safety in your home. The best way is to start with a safe that will protect your most valuable items and expand your security network outward.

There's no price tag for peace of mind and a strong sense of security. Visit Mycube today to find the perfect safe for you and start your home security journey.


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