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"What a great solution. We just put in a new closet buildout and needed a safe that would fit, and the Mycube safe is perfect."

- Victoria A., Pasadena, CA

"The hassle-free experience of having a cellular connection built into a smart safe is really nice. It worked seamlessly for me every time I needed it!"

- Newsweek

"What a great solution. We just put in a new closet buildout and needed a safe that would fit, and the Mycube safe is perfect."

- David D., Austin, TX

"It is just the right size for my home. Perfectly holds what I need it to, and the trays help to keep it organized."

- Sarah R., Miami , FL

"I am very pleased with the safe. We had some jewelry misplaced and we now have it securely in one place. Perfect product for our needs."

- Fred W., New York, NY

"Mycube is a really chic small home safe that is perfect for design-conscious people, like ourselves."

- Guest Of A Guest

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Each Mycube home safe is designed to protect your life where you need it most. Keep your vital belongings secure in our Mycube Classic and Biocube home safes. Shield against fire and water with our one-hour protection Firecube fire safe. Receive tamper alerts with our iCube connected wireless safe. Real products made for real life.

Modern Style

Innovation starts with necessity. From the iCube's ease of access through our groundbreaking smartphone app, to the Biocube Professional's 12-bolt auto-locking door, our products consider your convenience and a need for unwavering reliability from as many angles as possible.

Easy Organization

Fingerprint access, push-button keypads, and app-enabled locking give you the peace of mind you deserve - all with our five-star 24/7 customer service, a lifetime guarantee, and options for organization. We aim to simplify your life in the home so you can live your best life out of it.

Why you'll love Mycube


Goodbye old-fashioned turn-dial safes. Designed to fit your modern lifestyle, Mycube looks as good as it protects.


Family owned and operated, we have 100 years of experience in safeguarding what's most valuable to you.


Our safes are so reliable, we guarantee them for a lifetime. If you need support, our local team is available for you 24/7/365.

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Our original push-button keypad home safe brings together form and function in two convenient sizes that is perfect for any home. Now also available in our recessed wall safe model.

Meet our commercial grade fireproof home safe with a certified rating of 1 hour at 1700 degrees to protect against the elements.

Our groundbreaking connected home safe allows you to control your safe entirely with your smartphone, share access, and receive tamper alerts from anywhere in the world.

To get started with Mycube, browse our catalogue of designer home safes, organizational jewelry trays, and a selection of custom designed home goods. Take our Quiz to discover the perfect home safe for your needs.