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Why Customers Love Mycube
The Mycube Touch is exactly what we needed to secure a few things in our house. Works great and was easy to set up. The safe itself is very sturdy.
Victoria, Florida
My item was delivered and packaged so there were no dents or dings in it. Heavy box. Had my husband attach it to the closet shelf, and called your customer service to walk me through thumbprints and a four-digit code. Wonderful experience. Works great, and is huge inside! Love it! Great purchase!
Teri, New Jersey
Love the versatility and ease of having it. Moving? Rearranging? No problem. Easy to move and adapt! Functionality is huge for me, and this checks off and exceeds my needs.
Joseph, New Hampshire
This is the perfect safe! Looks great and fits extremely well in our closet. The setup was as easy as ever.
Rob, Tennessee
Love this safe, perfect size, fantastic quality, easy to set up, and very stylish.
Vanessa, Illinois
The safe itself is terrific -- inconspicuous, easy to track online -- everything it is advertised to be. What's above and beyond is the customer support.
Lisa, California
If I could summarize this safe into 3 words, it would be: trustworthy, organized, & aesthetically pleasing. I am so happy with Mycube — it's worth the investment!
Nikki, California

Superior security. Exceptional experience.

View Fireproof <br> for peace of mind
for peace of mind

Our fireproof safes and accessories are protected up to 1700 degrees (F) for a minimum of one hour. With select safes and fireproof accessory options, you’ll feel assured your valuables will remain unharmed.

View Customizable for <br> any lifestyle
Customizable for
any lifestyle

A good safe is one that is built for purpose. Our portfolio offers the organization and personalization of a high-end luxury safe. Enjoy the flexibility of installation location, accessories, and style, so the Mycube you purchase will fit the lifestyle you live.

View Built for <br> long-term durability
Built for
long-term durability

Developed with reinforced steel walls and tamper-proof door bolts, Mycubes are built to last. Each Mycube comes with a double lifetime warranty so you can protect and pass down what you value most.

View Smart-tech <br> enabled

From Mycube Touch’s fingerprint access to Mycube Connect’s app-enabled locking and tamper alerts, we’ve integrated the most advanced and intuitive smart security every step of the way.

View Best-In-Class <br> Service

When you purchase from Mycube you don’t just receive a safe—you gain access to a safety support team. Mycube offers 24/7 support for installation, advice, and troubleshooting in the unlikely event you’re locked out.

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Prepared. Thoughtful. Smart. 

Smart safes for smart people 

We take personal safety personally

We’re dedicated to going beyond industry standards to ensure you feel secure every step of the way—from data privacy to technology upgrades. We call it the Mycube Secure360 experience.

Extraordinary Customer Service
We’re available whenever you need us. Our team of experts is happy to help with guidance on the location, installation, and maintenance of your Mycube anytime. All conversations are confidential and never stored, so you can share your details both openly and securely.
Breakthrough Features & Technology
We are committed to creating safes that are both structurally strong and technologically advanced. Our biometric, self-monitoring, and password technologies go beyond industry standards to align with the modern technological experiences you’ve come to expect from your favorite smart products.
Proactive Advice
In the past, safes were seen as a passive safety measure. You purchase one, put your valuables in it, hide it away in a closet, and leave it be. Mycube believes in active safekeeping, using safes as an essential part of your home security and organizational systems daily. You can count on us to guide you through how to manage and maintain your Mycube for a lifetime.
Critical Information Updates
We’ll send you all the updates you need, so you never have to worry. Battery changes, password management, vacation preparation, and news updates. The information you’re looking for will come right to you.
Secure Transactions
Mycube purchases are encrypted and secure. This includes both information regarding your safes and your personal data. Your purchase history, where your Mycube was shipped and installed, as well as your payment information will never be sold, shared, or traded.

Day or night, Mycube helps you feel more secure. A safe in every room, ready at any hour.

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Kitchen Garage Bathroom Bedroom Closet Office
Kitchen Garage Bathroom Bedroom Closet Office
Install Anywhere, Securely.
Your future is safe with us.

Your future is safe with us.

Each Mycube comes with a double lifetime warranty, and we offer customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No matter the time or place we’re ready to help you with installation, education, advice, and troubleshooting.

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