Home Safe Security & Lifetime Warranty
Home Safe Security & Lifetime Warranty

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities. You'll need to pay your mortgage, taxes, and utilities on time. You'll need to mow the grass, clean the gutters, and take out the trash. You'll need to repair broken appliances, clean each room, and maintain the outside of the house. The list goes on and on, but you get the idea.

On top of these essential chores, you'll also provide security for your home. It will ultimately fall on you to defend the contents of your home and the people inside it. You can achieve a safe and secure home in many ways, including:

  • Investing in one of the best home security systems (ADT, Honeywell, or other home security companies that provide great alarm systems).
  • Install home security cameras (doorbell cameras and motion sensors on other home devices).
  • Smart home automation systems (providers such as Amazon's Alexa offer monitoring services, thermostat controls, biometric keypads, Wi-Fi integrations, and other automation).

With all these options, you may wonder where you should start. The best place to begin is to purchase a home safe.

What Is Home Safe Security?

The best way to effectively secure your house is to start from the inside out. After purchasing a safe, you'll need to determine where you want to put it. Most people use their master bedroom as said location, but it could be an office, spare room, basement, attic, or wherever else you'd prefer. The space will essentially function as a larger safe to your much smaller safe.

Once these security layers are established, it will be time to look outside your home. Windows and doors are the most common ways thieves get inside your home. Start there by changing old locks and installing new ones.

Most break-ins aren't planned out and are only made possible through convenience. A locked door or window is usually enough for a thief to give up and move on.

The last thing you'll need to take care of is outside your home. Motion lights and visible cameras can go a very long way toward preventing a break-in. Thieves stick to the cover of darkness and often respond like deer in headlights when a spotlight shines.

The same is true if they know a camera is recording them. Maintaining the courage to go through with a break-in when you're on camera committing the crime is challenging.

Why Is Home Safe Security Important?

Keeping your home safe and secure is one of the most critical homeowner's responsibilities. The contents of your home are a collection of all the people you love and items you've worked hard to own.

The last thing you want to experience is losing them because you took home security for granted.

These are a few examples of why it's vital to own a safe and take home security seriously:

  1. Guards against theft
  2. Peace of mind
  3. Protection from elements
  4. Keeps dangerous items safe

Guards Against Theft

Protecting your home from thieves has already been mentioned, but it bears repeating. On average, there are more than one million home break-ins in the United States annually. The number of break-ins has dropped in recent years, primarily due to the coronavirus pandemic. It became much more challenging to break into a home with many people working from home or being in quarantine.

While it was a relief to see the number of break-ins decline, the good times aren't expected to last as life slowly returns to normal. More people are returning to work at the office, making breaks as easy as the pre-pandemic days.

On top of that, soaring inflation and a housing market crisis have created desperate and anxious people in America. Crime is the natural conclusion when desperation meets opportunity.

A burglary can be an extremely traumatic experience to live through. A safe likely won't be enough to prevent the break-in from happening, though safes will limit the damage done and the things you lose in the process.

Insurance will likely replace many items, but you can't get back sentimental items that might have been taken. There's no need to risk them when you can easily use a safe to protect them.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Modern society has an endless list of reasons you should be worried, panicked, anxious, and overwhelmed. It can be too much to bear and contribute to many severe symptoms and disorders. Finding peace of mind is essential to protecting your mental health and surviving in a highly stressful world.

Owning a safe is one way for you to provide yourself with peace of mind. Knowing that your most valuable items are protected from falling into the wrong hands. People have been using safes for thousands of years to protect the things they cherish the most. The ability to provide users with peace of mind is one reason safes have stood the test.

Offers Protection from the Elements

Safes are commonly associated with preventing theft for good reasons. Installing a safe in your home has much more utility than merely deterring theft. Local fire departments across the United States respond to a fire every 23 seconds.

It doesn't take a very long time for a small fire to turn into an out-of-control inferno quickly. You should be thinking only about getting your and your loved ones out immediately during a fire.

Owning a safe doesn't do anything to fireproof your house or prevent potentially catastrophic loss. What certain fireproof safes can do, though, is keep your most important and cherished items protected from the blaze.

You won't hesitate to think twice about going back inside during a fire. You'll do the smart thing: get your family out, call the fire department, and wait safely outside. Your important documents and sentimental personal belongings will be protected within your safe box.

Keeps Dangerous Items Safe

It's common for American households to contain at least one gun. Guns are often used for additional home security but can be used for recreational activities or as collector's items. Guns that are left alone are perfectly safe. But they can become extremely dangerous when they fall into the wrong hands.

Every year, hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries occur as a result of child shootings. Children as young as 3 are perfectly capable of pulling the trigger on a handgun without understanding the consequences. It only takes a few seconds for tragedy to strike once a child finds a gun and picks it up.

Properly locking up your guns is the best way to ensure you don't experience the worst day of your life. A 3-year-old can be protected when left unattended with a loaded gun. But there's no way they could crack into a gun safe, load the gun, and then pull the trigger.

Even if you don't have a gun, it's a good idea to protect your child from other harmful things. A child won't know the dangers of playing with medications, hazardous chemicals, or combustible liquids. Keeping them in a safe is the best way to protect your child from them.

Why You Need a Lifetime Warranty on Your Home Safe

No products last forever; eventually, you'll have to replace them. A car might last a few decades and provide several hundred thousand miles of service. But ultimately, you'll need to start making big-time replacements to keep it working correctly.

That's not how it works with high-quality home safes. Once you become a customer, you're a customer for life. The lockbox you select should be protected for as long as you own it. You should only look for safes that offer a lifetime warranty for the following reasons:

Saves You Money in the Long Run

Safes are designed to withstand a tremendous amount of punishment, but they are still a compilation of multiple parts. These parts can wind up malfunctioning through no fault of yours. Instead of spending money to replace them, you can use your lifetime warranty and have the part replaced free of charge.

Provides Additional Protection

You purchased a home safe because you have certain things in your life that you want to keep safe. These items won't be adequately protected if a safe is dependent on faulty equipment. A lifetime warranty will give you the peace of mind that your safe can protect your valuables.

Mycube's Lifetime Warranty

The Mycube warranty is clear: every safe you buy is guaranteed to last throughout ownership. If any part of the safe stops working at any time, the replacement parts will be provided at no additional cost.

That doesn't include replacing batteries, but it does include any other part of your safe that you can prove is faulty.


There are a lot of different options for a home safe out there. The problem is that most of them don't have top-of-the-line quality or a lifetime warranty. If you want to experience both of these characteristics for your safety, you have to look in the right place.

Mycube has 100 years of experience in the home security industry and only offers safes of the highest quality possible. The lifetime warranty will prevent you from experiencing any issues as long as you own your safe.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can easily reach customer service associates who are pleased to help.

Get serious about your home security. Visit Mycube today and pick the right safe for you. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy a free 35-day trial. If there are any issues, you can return them for a refund.


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