Your Guide to Mycube’s Home Safe Accessories
Your Guide to Mycube’s Home Safe Accessories

Your Guide to Mycube's Accessories

At Mycube, you can probably tell from a glance the love that we have for our safes. Our products are made to provide style, safety, and security to all of our customers, and we pour in as much effort and care as possible into making them the best products possible. So you can understand if our love for our personal home safes tends to shine through brightest.

Our range of fireproof, smart, and biometric safes isn't all that we make at Mycube. We look to make every part of owning a safe an easy and fun experience. With that in mind, we've also developed plenty of accessories for use with Mycube safes. Since they don't get the limelight as much as our core product line, you might not be aware of them. We're hoping to clean that up here.

The Mycube Trays

Mycube is definitely about having a stylish centerpiece that can also serve as a way to keep your most precious items secured. However, just tossing everything together into your safe is hardly the most elegant solution. This is why Mycube offers our tray accessories, such as the 7 Mix Tray. These let you keep your valuables neatly organized, and not sitting in a pile in your safe. With a variety of tray sizes and layouts available, you'll be certain to find one that works for your selection of valuables.

More importantly, these trays are essential for protecting your valuables that are more prone to damage. Mycube clients especially appreciate their ability to protect their jewelry from scratches and other damage. These trays are highly flexible as well, fitting in easily to our classic sized and small home safes alike. We also offer highly robust fire-safe trays, for use with our Firecube fire-resistant safe. So don't worry if your safe is able to fit in trays for items - no matter which Mycube speaks to you, it will be fully supported by our line of accessories.

New Mycube Accessories

Beyond our classic trays, Mycube is also looking into providing more accessories to spice up the inside of your safe. If you haven't heard of these kinds of accessories before, then you might want to bone up on your safe-ology knowledge! Look for these exciting new products available on Mycube's website early 2022/

Watch Winders: If you are classy enough to own an old-school mechanical wristwatch, then you'll want to make sure that you are getting your money's worth with it, and that it is effectively wound at all moments. You'll also want to keep it safe when you're not using it. A watch winder in your safe makes the perfect place to put your timepiece. Our new watch winder will fit perfectly in our larger Biocube Plus safe also available early 2022. Or place it in any of our Mycube or Biocube safes with shelf removal.

**Passport Holder: **One of the most important documents you can store in your safe has to be your passport. As anyone who has lost a passport knows, being without it is a major headache. With a passport holder, you'll know exactly where your passport is, and it's a great way to keep track of your passport while traveling too..

Document Folio: Some of us have more than just a passport to take care of. From work documents to birth certificates, you'll eventually reach a point where it feels like the paperwork is taking over your life. A document folio in your safe for the most important things can help keep things all together. Plus use this stylish folio to transport important documents to and from meetings.

Jewelry Case: A safe tray is a great start to keeping your jewelry protected. If you have some very precious jewelry, why not go a bit further with a jewelry case? Between this and a biometric safe, your heirlooms will be entirely protected from harm. Use the jewelry case in your home and as a perfect travel accessory too. It fits snugly in your carry-on luggage so you always have your jewelry by your side.

Pistol Holder: Gun safety is serious business, and that's why more and more handgun owners are optingopening for a Mycube small home safe for the firearm security they need. A pistol holder inside a safe makes it convenient and easy to access and makes sure it doesn't get damaged in any wayas well. If this holder, or any of these accessories tickle your fancy, make sure to keep your eyes on our shop!