Mycube 1st Generation

Welcome to Mycube

Scott gives an overview of MyCube safe and some of the core functionalities that make MyCube the best home safe out there.

MyCube Home Safe Installation

A video describing how to use the hardware kit to securely bolt MyCube to various surfaces including using it as a wall safe for home. The video also mentions the items contained in the hardware pack.

Reset Code

This video describes how to change your personal user code, which also occurs automatically when you change the batteries. Make sure to flip the switch to change the code, and also to flip the switch on when changing the code as a result of installing new batteries.

Mycube Power cord

The MyCube Classic home safe (available in Blue, Orange, and Pink) features an internal charging outlet that allows users to charge electronic devices from within the safe. The power outlet has no bearing on the keypad, which is charged by 4-AA batteries.

Setting your code with MyCube

Scott describes how to set your MyCube code when first getting started with your home safe. Out of the box, MyCube safes are programmed for individual user use, so once you set your code, you only need to press “Lock” to lock your safe.

Clear Button Tip

If you don’t want to see your code on the keypad, pressing the “Clear” button first will show dashes on the LED screen as opposed to numbers.

Mycube 2nd Generation

Setting up Mycube

Changing User Code

Changing Batteries

Using The Manual Key

Tips For Home Safe Installation

Mycube 3rd Generation

Guide for Home Safe Installation

Setting up Your Home Safe

Changing Batteries

Setting Code

Using Manual Key

Mycube Fire Safe

Mycube Fireproof Safe

Set up and operate your fire safe

Mycube Company Videos

Welcome to Mycube

Customer Service

Mycube's NYC Milestone

Mycube Safe Difference