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MyCube for Hotels

MyCube standard plus laptop hotel safe

MyCube standard hotel drawer safe

MyCube Silver in boutique hotel suite

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MyCube offers in-room safes designed specifically for hotels and development properties. We provide a wide selection of laptop safes, wall safes , drawer safes and top opening safes. Our safes are in many of the largest hotel brands in the world.

MyCube also specializes in the customization of safes for boutique hotels. We can manufacture safes in any custom size and color to suit your specific design needs. Whether you have 50 rooms or 1500, we can cater to your project specifications.

Located in New York City, we have a best-in-class installation and customer service team, which can help coordinate logistics for any project.

Email us at to inquire about volume pricing, quotes, or any other questions you may have about the safe selection process for your development project.

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