When navigating the Mycube shop, first-time visitors might be overwhelmed by the number of options of our home safe products. Getting a safe is a major purchase for anyone, as it will become a key part of your home's security system and a great way to organize your treasured belongings. If you're looking for the best home safe, there is no one right answer - you have to decide what is the best for your living space.

This piece will serve as your introductory guide to the Mycube family. Every Mycube safe has a different specialization in construction or locking mechanism. By understanding these differences, you can make your purchases in confidence.


Before you can understand any of our more specialized products in your quest to find your best home safe, you need to understand the Mycube Classic. This is the safe that started it all, and the safe on which all our other products are based. This push-button keypad safe has many of the core features that make a Mycube among the best home safes out there. One-eighth-inch steel and tamper-proof bolts protect what is inside. The interior of the safe uses an interior light, smooth bottom jewelry pad, and optional trays for the best storage experience.

All of our safes also follow the MycubeClassic in being easy to install and mount. In fact, if you have any trouble with installation, we have a variety of installation guides right on our website.

If you're looking for the best small home safe, you should also check out the Mycube Mini. This is a smaller keypad safe, ideal for storing smaller items such as jewelry. Both the Mycube Classic and its mini version are excellent and versatile keypad safes. All you need to do to get using them is to decide on a 4-digit code.


Looking for something more secure than a keypad safe? Or wish you had a safe you could open with a single touch? In this case, you will want to look into our Biocube products. All of our Biocube biometric safes come with the same sturdy design of our Mycube Classic - they all feature an optional keypad as well. However, they are also differentiated by the biometric scanner found on each model. These fingerprint safes are therefore secured beyond a simple code. Only people who have registered fingerprints can actually access the safe.

Just like with the Mycube Mini, we also offer a Biocube Mini as well. This biometric safe is great for mixing powerful security with a small and easy-to-store size. The Biocube mini is very popular as a small biometric safe for firearms or other valuable or sensitive items.

If you want a biometric safe that is even more discreet than the Mini, then you should check out our In-Drawer Biocube. This version of the Biocube has an opening on the top and is designed to fit snugly into a pull-out drawer. This means that you can store the fingerprint safe away out of the open, making it not only secure but secretive.


Often, we want to keep things in our safe that are prone to fire damage. Most commonly these are documents, which can be easily damaged in a fire even if the safe itself is fine. However, even seemingly robust items like jewelry or small firearms can be damaged by heat and smoke. If you're worried about fire damage permanently ruining your belongings, then you'll definitely want to look into the Firecube.

This keypad safe offers one-hour fire protection at up to 1200 degrees. This means that it can weather most housefires, and keep whatever is inside the safe protected. It's also still incredibly reliable as a safe on its own, with the same high standards of protection found in all Mycube products.


Our biometric safes aren't our only forays into new technology in our mission to make the best home safes possible. Our iCube safe is one of our sleekest safes thanks to its wireless locking mechanism. This wireless safe is operated entirely by an app on your phone, linked with a totally secure network to your safe. Through this app, you can remotely open and lock the safe, and control exactly who has access to the contents inside.

If you love technology and hate trying to remember passcodes, the iCube could be the best home safe for you. When you purchase the iCube you will also get access to the secure app. The iCube uses its own technology to connect, not relying on potentially tamper-prone systems like Bluetooth or Wireless. If you're looking for something even more advanced than fingerprint safes, look no further.


If you'd like to customize your home safes even further, there's more in our shop for you to peruse. Our tray accessories are for usage in our existing Mycube safes, to let you better organize and store smaller items such as jewelry. Most of our trays are designed to fit specifically into our Classic, Mini, Biocube, and Biocube mini safes. However, if you're looking for a tray for potentially flammable items, we offer a fire-safe tray designed to fit specifically in our Firecube.


And there you have it - the Mycube family of safes that we are so proud of! As mentioned, our website has plenty of helpful setup guides for your Mycube. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to check our support page or contact us. When it comes to home security, we're always happy to help.