Mycube is designed to make owning and operating a digital safe as easy and simple as possible. If you want help getting your digital safes set up, this piece will serve as your handy guide, reviewing the setup for Mycube's digital safes. It will also cover what to do if you get locked out of your Mycube safe, and highlight the 24/7 service the company provides.


Depending on who you asked, you could say that all of Mycube's' great home safes are digital safes. If you're looking for those old-timey combination locks, well, sadly, those are mostly relegated to old-school cowboy and gangster films.

For the purpose of this article, we're going to focus on setting up the classics. The Mycube Classic, to be precise, which features an illuminated digital lock. While we've pushed the boundaries on locking mechanisms (check out our biometric safes and wireless safes as well!), we still have plenty of options that use a reliable push-button digital keypad, which we'll be discussing today.

The Mycube classic offers more than just its digital lock, of course. The outside features ⅛ inch thick steel-reinforced walls, as well as fully motorized locking bolts. Of course, we believe in matching style with strength, which is why the Mycube Classic comes with a sleek painted exterior. Inside is just as snazzy, with an internal light and a soft bottom jewelry pad.

We should also mention the Mycube Classic's closest family relatives as well. The Mycube Mini digital safe is just like the Classic except, well it's smaller. The Mycube Classic has internal dimensions of a height of 10", a width of 19", and a depth of 10 ¼ ". Inside the Mini it's a little cozier, with a height of 8 ½ ", a width of 16" and a depth of 10 ¼ ". This makes the Mini great for more compact spaces, or if you just can't see yourself filling up the Classic.

If we're talking about digital home safes, let's not forget the Firecube, which also uses one of our digital locks. If the Biocube Mini is the little brother of the Classic, the Firecube is the heavy-duty older sibling. This tough nut can withstand 1200 degree temperatures for up to an hour and protects against water damage from a fire as well. We even have fireproof trays for this home safe - when it comes to keeping your valuables safe from the flames, we take no second measures.


Quick aside before we get into all that fun digital lock set up. There's actually a step to consider before you even touch those keypad buttons - and that's safe installation. Every Mycube safe comes with four points of contact on the bottom and four points of contact on the back. This gives you a variety of options when it comes to installation. We recommend an installation location that uses all the points of contact if possible. Once you've decided, it's as easy to install as any other piece of furniture - make your marks, and make holes for the screws we provide. We recommend finding the most solid surfaces possible for your installation. Our fireproof safe the Firecube comes with one pre-drilled hole on the bottom plus a sturdy installation hardware kit.


Alright, now here's the stuff you've been waiting for. Welcome to the exciting world of digital home safe setup! This part is about as easy as it can get. Just follow these three simple steps. With the safe in the unlocked position, pressCLEAR twice. If you did this part correctly, you should see the word PROG appear on your screen. Next, press these three buttons: 6-8-LOCK. If everything is still going according to plan, you should see the word NEU appear on your screen. Now put in the 4 digit code you want, and press LOCK. And that's it, you're done!

That does it for your digital lock. However, each Mycube also comes with a backup key. We recommend registering your key on your website. Do this, and you can make sure you get replacement keys if you need them!


First off - don't panic! At Mycube, we're all about making sure that you never worry about your valuables. Not having to worry about them being stolen or lost is just part of this. We are also dedicated to making safes that work for their owner, not against them.

Firstly you need to figure out why exactly you are locked out. If the keypad isn't working, it could be a battery problem. Thankfully, this is an easy fix. Just remove the black plate (the one with our logo on it) from the keypad. This will reveal a keyhole - use your key on this to open the safe manually. On the back of the safe door, you'll find the battery case. Now it's just a matter of swapping in 4 fresh AA batteries. The Firecube fireproof safe features the batteries on the outside of the safe for easy battery changing.

To preempt dead batteries, try and swap the batteries once a year. If you can't find your key - don't worry, we thought of that too! You can charge your safe from the outside using a battery pack and a USB.

Your key is also the ace up your sleeve if you ended up forgetting your digital home safe code as well. You can use the key to get access to your belongings and reset the code while the safe is open. If you lost your key too, you can get a replacement as long as you registered the first one.


When we said we were dedicated to making your safe work for you, we were serious. Whether you need a new key or your batteries ran out, Mycube is proud to provide 24/7 support for each and every one of our customers. All you need to do is shoot an email to or contact us at +1 800 590 1592 and we'll be on the case immediately!