Your Checklist For Buying a Gun Safe
Your Checklist For Buying a Gun Safe

Safes can be used to protect many things - jewelry, important documents, family heirlooms. However, one of the most important things you can use a safe for is protecting your firearms. This is because a firearm is not just at risk of being stolen - having a gun around the house also provides an elevated level of risk. When securing a firearm, this means that you not only have to be worried about the safety of your valuables but the safety of you and your family as well.

This is why getting the best gun safe possible is so vitally important - you need to be absolutely sure that your gun safe is reliable, tough, and secure. This may be one of the most important safety purchases you can make for your home. This quick guide will serve as a checklist for the things you need to consider when making this purchase, to ensure that you get the best gun safe for your home.

Are The Safe Walls Thick Enough?

When you're looking for the best gun safe, you can't just adhere to any standards of safety. You want a safe that is resistant to any attempts to break in or tamper with it - while also being protected against any accidental damage. There is a lot of discussion on what constitutes a "tough safe". A good rule of thumb for the best gun safes is to make sure that the safe walls are at the very least ⅛ Inch thick.

The best way to determine the resilience of a safe is, of course, to read the reviews and do your research. The best gun safes will have to be something a lot stronger than a more modest safe for jewelry or documents.

How Fireproof is the Safe?

Most of us consider a safe something to keep out thieves and to keep items from becoming lost. However, safes can also provide an extra level of security against disasters such as house fires. A fireproof gun safe means that valuable firearms won't be damaged in the case of being exposed to flame. Most fireproof safes aren't entirely immune to fire but will keep whatever is inside safe for the worst part of a blaze.

When purchasing a fireproof gun safe, you have to make sure that it is not losing benefits in other areas in order to achieve a higher fire safety rating. The best fireproof gun safes will be those that are able to combine a fireproof exterior with a strong design.

Is the Safe Tamper Proof?

The most vulnerable part of any gun safe is the bolts - the locking mechanism that keeps the door shut. No matter how thick a safe's walls might be, it will be useless if the bolts are prone to tampering, prying, or drilling. When shopping for a safe, you need to make sure that the bolts are made out of as strong a material as the outside, and that they are tamper-proof. Any chain, or safe, is only as strong as its weakest link.

How Easy is it to Access?

The most important part of any gun safe is that it is able to limit access - both to any intruders to your home, but also to those closer to home. Guns in the house are especially a danger to any children you might have. The best gun safe is one that gives you confidence that you have total control over access.

In many cases, a simple combination safe won't be enough to give you this peace of mind. A biometric gun safe (better known to many as a fingerprint gun safe) is an example of a much more secure method of firearm protection. When you use a biometric gun safe, there is no code to be lost - only those authorized can open it. Better yet, with a fingerprint gun safe, you have much greater control over who actually gets to access the contents. You can, for example, make sure that all adults in your house are allowed access to your biometric gun safe, while keeping the contents out of the hands of children.

Is The Safe an Appropriate Size?

When many people think of gun safes, they think of the huge behemoths that will need a large basement or garage to properly house. However, you should stop and consider if this is really the purchase you want to make. The best gun safes are appropriate for the homes they are going to be used in. If you only have an apartment, is a larger gun safe what you need? Conversely, if you have plenty of space, a larger model may be appropriate.

The size of your firearm, and firearms, is also an important consideration. If you only own a single handgun, a small gun safe is probably the best gun safe for you. A large collection of rifles may require something a bit more substantial.

How Easy Is the Safe To Mount?

Just because you think you have the right size, doesn't mean that a gun safe will be the right fit. The toughest safe is useless if someone manages to carry it off entirely. This is why it is so important to be able to mount your safe. When looking for the best gun safe, you want to make sure that it has solid mounts - but also mounts that are easy to use. It's no point getting a safe if it's too difficult to install!

Where Will You Put It?

Even if you have a nice small gun safe, with easy-to-use mounts, you still will need to carefully consider where you will actually put it. The smaller the safe, the more options you will have. Generally, you want to put your gun safe somewhere that is out of the way, but still accessible. If it's a handgun safe, somewhere in the bedroom would be most appropriate - but not out in the open.

The closet can be a good place to keep a handgun within a bedroom setting. It's not immediately apparent to intruders or children but isn't too difficult to access if you need to. If you want something even more discrete, you can go for a safe built into a drawer.

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