Keeping your handgun secure in a safe is critical. There are a ton of good reasons to keep your firearm in a safe - from protecting your children, protecting your firearm to insurance purposes. One of the most-asked questions when it comes to home safes is - what is the best home safe for handguns? At Mycube, we take everyone's home security concerns very seriously. We've put together a quick guide on the Mycube products that are best for your handgun.


For some, the most important quality of their gun safe is to keep their gun safe. Restricting access to your gun safe is a key part of keeping your handgun safe - and restriction starts with the lock. Codes on combination locks can be cracked, so if you want maximum restriction, you may want to look into a biometric fingerprint gun safe. A biometric safe can make sure that only those who want to gain access to your safe can actually gain that access. Fingerprint safes can't be compromised by a lost or forgotten code.

If you're looking for the best in biometric gun safes, you should make sure to check out our line of Biocubes. These secure home safes can hold up to 10 unique fingerprints, letting you give select responsible family members access to your firearm. Our Biocube Mini in particular is a great fingerprint gun safe for small handguns.


For many gun owners, the point of the handgun is security. For others, it is a valuable item on its own. You may have a very valuable or rare handgun that was given as a gift or that is a family heirloom. In this case, theft is not the only risk - fire and smoke damage can potentially permanently mar a priceless firearm.

If you're worried about these threats, you should look into getting a fireproof gun safe. The very best fireproof gun safes will keep your handgun safe from heat and smoke damage, even through a house fire. If you're looking for this kind of fireproof gun safe, look no further than our Firecube, which offers one-hour fire protection at 1200 degrees.


For many, the best handgun safe is one that no one knows about. Keeping a handgun safe secretive means that there's little chance of an intruder (or curious kids) finding out that you even have a gun, or where you keep it. How you make a gun safe discreet, depends as much on placement as it does the safe. If you really want to go all out, you can invest in a wall-mounted hidden gun safe which may require you a wall cut out. The best way to get a hidden gun safe is to get a small safe you can tuck away somewhere, like in a closet or nightstand.

When it comes to discrete safes, Mycube has a variety of small safe options in our shop. One of our best options for hidden gun safes is our Biocube In-Drawer. This piece makes an excellent hidden gun safe while bringing all the security benefits of our regular Biocube.


For many gun owners who have handguns, a small safe such as a Biocube or Biocube in-drawer safe will provide adequate storage to secure several handguns. Other gun owners require a bit more storage for handguns and longer guns. For new gun owners who purchased a long gun and a handgun, a rifle safe is a necessary purchase to keep your firearms of all sizes secure. These rifle safes have a small storage box at the top of the inside of the safe for handguns and a larger storage space for long guns. Mycube makes a Biocube Professional safe that is 57" tall and provides sufficient storage for long guns and handguns.

Whatever your collection of guns, Mycube makes handgun safes and rifle safes to protect your firearms responsibly.