Traveling With Jewelry: 5 Ways To Keep It Safe
Traveling With Jewelry: 5 Ways To Keep It Safe

Whether it's time for vacation or you're moving to a new home, you'll need to ensure your favorite jewelry is kept safe in transit. Traveling with jewelry can be risky without the proper precautions.

Don't leave the safety of your jewelry to chance. Read on for five strategic ways to keep your jewelry safe wherever and whenever you travel.

5 Tips To Keep Jewelry Safe While Traveling

Traveling is a blast, but your vacation will quickly lose its appeal if you lose your favorite jewelry. Luckily, there are ways to keep jewelry safe whether you're traveling by plane, boat, car, or on foot.

Let's examine those ways one by one with our jewelry travel tips.

#1: Know When To Take Your Jewelry Off

To keep your jewelry safe while visiting friends and family members or enjoying a romantic vacation destination, take it off at appropriate times.

You should take your jewelry off when:

  • Swimming or participating in aquatic activities. Watery environments can cause your jewelry to slip off accidentally.
  • Participating in physical activities. High-energy activities like volleyball or hikes in unfamiliar environments.

Note that you should also keep your precious jewelry on at key times. For instance, keep your carry-on jewelry with you while progressing through TSA at an airport.

The last thing you want is for your favorite statement necklaces or jewelry pouch to be lost by airport security.

Most jewelry can pass through TSA scanners without issues.

#2: Keep a Personal Jewelry Inventory

Traveling with jewelry safely often means not letting your most valuable pieces out of your sight. When you pack jewelry for travel, write it down on a piece of paper or make a note in your phone.

Keep a personal jewelry inventory by:

  • Mentally noting or writing down what pieces you have brought with you
  • Checking which pieces are still on your person every half hour to every hour, especially if you find yourself in crowded places.
  • Using the iCube app on Apple or Android for easily managing and tracking your jewelry inventory.

Each night before you go to bed, check your jewelry inventory and make sure you still have all your pieces. If you put your jewelry in a case (as detailed below), open up the case and make sure everything is accounted for.

Otherwise, you'll need to begin a search for the missing pieces and figure out who might have gained access to your luggage while you weren't looking.

#3: Get Jewelry Insurance That Covers Travel

Jewelry insurance can be pricey, but it's also worthwhile if you are traveling to a new place or you'll be gone for a long time. Jewelry insurance is even more valuable for the expensive pieces in your collection, like wedding rings, diamond earrings, and jeweled brooches.

But jewelry insurance doesn't always cover travel loss or damage by default. Research plenty of jewelry insurance policies and be sure to choose a policy that covers travel losses.

If you pick the right insurance company and policy, you could be compensated for the jewelry's value if you lose it during a vacation excursion or if it's stolen by someone at an airport or hotel.

Choose a comprehensive jewelry insurance policy and you might see additional benefits, such as:

  • Protection from losing your jewelry at home
  • Coverage for your jewelry wearing out or losing its value over time
  • Coverage for jewelry losses by natural disasters such as fires, tornadoes, and floods
  • Coverage for jewelry losses by theft at home

#4: Conceal Your Jewelry When You Can

The best way to keep your jewelry safe while traveling is to prevent others from knowing you have it in the first place. When you are wearing your jewelry, don't keep it in your pocket, on an exposed jewelry roll, or in an obvious bag, like a pouch with a transparent front.

Instead, place each piece of jewelry in a dedicated and innocuous container like Mycube's Jewelry Case. The Jewelry Case is all smooth and black leather, but it shows no outward sign that it holds earrings, necklaces, or rings.

On the interior, the Jewelry Case allows you to store and organize your valuable jewelry quickly and easily. This travel jewelry organizer makes it simple to arrange your rings, earring, and necklaces.

Pack jewelry in a nondescript case whenever you can, then put that jewelry box or case in a carry-on bag or even inside a plastic bag.

That way, even if someone gets access to your bag for a moment, they may not recognize that they are staring at jewelry and may leave it behind.

Any kind of travel case may help to keep your valuables protected in a hotel room or from pickpockets, over just having it free in your bag (even if it doesn't help keep your jewelry tangle-free).

#5: Wear a Fake Engagement Ring While Traveling

Engagement rings are some of the most important jewelry items we receive and wear throughout our lives. But they're also prime targets for theft (and it's easy to accidentally lose them during your vacation adventures).

If your engagement ring is worth several months' salary, wear a fake ring made of plastic or a cheap gemstone replacement while on the go with your soon-to-be spouse.

This move allows you to still broadcast your status as a fiancé while keeping the real deal safe and secure back at home, preferably in a smart safe.

This advice can further be applied to other expensive jewelry pieces, like your wedding band, necklaces with large gemstones in the middle, or earrings with big diamonds at their ends.

Alternatively, wear cheap jewelry. Don some zircon stud earrings instead of diamond earrings while traveling to enjoy your favorite outfits and accessories without risking the pricey pieces.

Why You Should You Leave Your Jewelry at Home While Traveling

Although it is possible to travel with jewelry safely, it's oftentimes a better bet to simply leave it at home whenever possible. Certain pieces, like your wedding ring, can't be left behind.

But other pricey jewelry items, like earrings, decorative rings, and bracelets can be left secure in a safe at your house if you can bear to leave them.

Traveling With Fine Jewelry Can Be Stressful

Leaving your jewelry at home is a good idea because traveling with expensive or fragile pieces can be stressful and time-consuming.

When you're on vacation, for instance, you ought to be enjoying yourself and focusing on everything the experience has to offer, not worrying as to whether your jewelry can handle the trip.

Plus, traveling with fine jewelry means you may worry about theft or damage all the time. Traveling with high-quality and expensive jewelry may very well ruin your vacation by forcing you to focus on it rather than your traveling experience itself.

Why a Safe Is the Best Place for Your Jewelry

A smart safe, like the elegant and efficient offerings from Mycube, is a far superior place to store your valuables like jewelry than in your luggage or pocket. Why? Smart safes are wall-mountable, making them practically impossible to remove by thieves.

Take the Mycube Biocube: an aesthetically excellent and biometric fingerprint keypad-equipped smart safe that can only be opened with recorded fingerprints, like your own or the fingerprints of your family members.

The Biocube comes with eight pre-drilled bolt holes so you can easily mount the safe on the wall of your choice.

The Mycube Biocube is ideal for protecting your jewelry since it:

  • Offers tamper-proof doors
  • Boasts ⅛ inch-thick walls of reinforced steel
  • Contains an internal light for easy viewing

With your jewelry safe and sound at home in a quality safe, you can focus on enjoying your traveling adventures wherever they may take you. You don't have to spend tons of time accounting for your jewelry or worrying about damaging it if you have too much fun.

Depending on the safe you purchase, you could even be alerted any time someone opens the safe to retrieve something inside. At least you have that option if you choose the Mycube iCube.

With an end-to-end cloud security platform, tamper alerts, and user management tools, it's a cinch to see the contents of your Mycube iCube safe.

Best of all, the Mycube iCube runs on 110V power and connects to a secure cellular cloud (so no WiFI or Bluetooth is required).

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, you can keep your jewelry safe if you take it off at the right time, keep inventory carefully, and conceal your jewelry in the right protective cases, such as Mycube's Jewelry Case.

Keeping your jewelry safe doesn't end when you get home. See why MyCube safes are ideal for safekeeping your precious pieces in the home or elsewhere. Check them out today.


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