Safe Handgun Care For First Time Owners
Safe Handgun Care For First Time Owners

Safe Handgun Care For First Time Owners

As most of us know, with great power comes great responsibility. And when it comes to being a handgun owner, there's a lot of responsibility involved. That's why so many handgun owners are turning to the best in security measures to promote safety, such as biometric handgun safes.

Of course, not everyone intends to actually use their handgun. For many, they are simply collector's items or even heirlooms. However, even if you never intend to load your handgun, you'll still need to take good care of it. If you get right down to it, there's very little difference between an heirloom handgun and heirloom jewelry, and both need the same attention, care, and security. For those new to handgun ownership, we'll go over some of the basics here.

Handgun Care

Handgun care can be very different depending on if you intend to use it (for self-defense or recreation) or not. If you are intending to actually utilize your handgun, you are in a "use it or lose it" situation. In order to make sure it is functional, you should make sure that you take it to a firing range every few weeks and make sure that everything is in order.

Regardless of your intention, it's also imperative that you never have your gun unloaded while not in use. Keeping ammo in the gun dramatically increases the safety danger it poses, and can potentially damage ammo or gun. It's also key that you keep the gun unloaded for another very important part of ownership - cleaning.

Handgun Cleaning

From the most affordable handguns to collector's firearms, no weapon is going to be in a good state if you just put it into a biometric safe and forget about it there. A good biometric handgun safe can protect from the worst of dirt and dust, but you will still need to undertake regular cleanings.

There are right and wrong ways to do everything, of course - but cleaning your handgun properly doesn't need to be complex. The key is to get a good space for it, and get the right materials. A garage, balcony, or other isolated and ventilated working space is ideal. Your kitchen table is a bad idea since some of the cleaning materials you'll need to use are toxic.

Speaking of, you'll want to make sure that you buy some proper equipment for cleanings, such as the right kinds of brushes and oils. You might want to invest in a bore snake as well. If this all sounds confusing, it's a good idea to ask your local dealer for assistance. One thing you should absolutely not try is making your own gun cleaning solutions! This could result in lasting damage, or even be hazardous to you. Rely on the tried and tested options - don't try to play chemist.

A good full cleaning for a handgun should start with disassembly, if possible (make sure to always keep the owners' guide to your gun to know how to disassemble it). After this, you'll want to use your cleaning solution and a brush to thoroughly clean each component, though avoiding grips or other non-metallic parts. You can then wipe off the cleaner with the cloth, before using another cloth to rub in a little bit of oil to polish, getting a lovely finish.

Handgun Safety and Security with Biometric Safes

Cleaning and care is one thing, but it's not worth much if your valuable handgun is stolen. That's why good security is a key part of handgun care. Compared to something like jewelry, the burden of responsibility to secure a handgun is significantly higher. A regular code-using safe may not be enough of a proper defense. This is why getting the best biometric gun safe is one of the best steps you can take for gun safety.

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