Mycube is dedicated to keeping valuable belongings safe and organized. At the same time, no one wants to compromise on their unique style due to an ugly or out-of-place safe. Mycube allows users to meet their security, organizational and aesthetic needs all at once.

Mycube has a growing family of safes, which ensures that our offerings will align with your safe needs - whatever they are. With our wide array of glossy and attractive paint schemes, technologies, sizes, and styles, this piece will help you figure out the answers to the questions you should be asking yourself before purchasing a safe for your home. Hopefully, we'll also break through some preconceived notions you might have about what buying a safe is all about!


A good place to start when selecting a safe is asking the big questions such as Why do you need a safe and what kinds of items are you hoping to secure in your safe? Heirloom jewelry? Documents? Will these items be potentially sensitive, such as handguns?

If you want to protect your jewelry, for example, you might want to try to figure out what makes the best home jewelry safe. If you're making your first handgun purchase, you probably want to consider what makes a good home gun safe. Flammable items might warrant a fireproof home safe. Pondering this first question might not give you all the answers, but it's a great place to start framing your further questions.


This question might throw some people off. Your choice for a home safe is a bedroom closet, or the basement if it's a real giant - right? However, since we're also discussing the Mycube product line here, you'll have to throw your preconceived notions about where safes go out the window. With a variety of crisp colors and easy installation, Mycube safes are ready to blend in with the decor of any room.

That just opened up a lot of options, didn't it? If you want a home jewelry safe, you can put it anywhere you like in your bedroom. If you want a digital safe for your work documents, a desk or shelf in your home office is fair game. If you want to be flexible, get into an interior designing grove and find the best place for it in your living room. All Mycube safes come with an installation hardware kit so they all get bolted down and secured to the surface of your choice.


Once you've thought about the previous two questions, you can combine your answers to tackle this one. How big of a safe will you need? Partially this depends on how many valuables you want to store - partially it depends on how big those valuables are. If you have a few pieces of heirloom jewelry, a small home jewelry safe might be what you're looking for. If you're looking to stash your laptop and documents while not in your office, you may want something a little roomier.

You'll have to consider location as well. Smaller home safes might be able to hold less, but you can more easily tuck them away onto shelves. No matter what size of safe you need, Mycube gives you options - big or small. We even have specially designed biometric safes for in-drawer use.


When it comes to a home gun safe or home jewelry safe, you never want to compromise on security. Thankfully, with Mycube, that's never a concern. Every one of our home safes is built to exacting specifications that include a solid steel casing and tamper-proof bolts. Just because we want our safes to look modern and stylish doesn't mean that we skimp on safety.

With Mycube, not only do you get a guarantee of security - you get options. Our classic models use the traditional digital safe keypads. However, we also now offer biometric safes that open by fingerprint, as well as cutting-edge wireless safes that you can open with a secure app on your phone. It's up to you to ask yourself which is the right kind of security system for you.


As the previous section indicated, we take security seriously at Mycube. But that's not all we think a safe should be about. A safe shouldn't just be about fear of having items stolen. Rather, a safe should be about the peace of mind of always knowing with 100% certainty where all your most important items are. Losing an item can be just as frustrating as having it actively stolen.

Safes can play a key role in home organization. And you can turn them into compact organizational powerhouses through the addition of interior trays. Now that you've chosen the size of the safe, you can decide what kind of organizational aids are going to be best for inside them. A home jewelry safe will want separate compartments to avoid scratching. And hey - have fun with it! At Mycube, all our trays are removable and stackable, so you can customize them to your heart's content.


You probably weren't expecting this one, were you? We tend to associate safes in our heads with shades such as dull grey or off-white. Not the most exciting color options. However, with Mycube you have choices. Beyond sleek white, silver and black you should also make sure to check out options such as our signature Tiffany Blue. Now you have the luxury of asking yourself what color you want.

Remember when we were asking about security? That can play into style as well. Consider our iCube - with no visible digital safe locking mechanism, it has a distinctive style all its own and allows you to operate your safe completely from your smartphone. While we encourage showing off our safes, you can go discreet as well. Our in-drawer Biocube will be out of sight until you need it. At Mycube we believe a safe should be as fun to purchase as any other piece of interior design - not merely something you feel obligated to get out of safety fears.