Keeping Alternative Homes Safe
Keeping Alternative Homes Safe

Keeping Alternative Homes Safe

These days, you'll hear a lot of hype over the concept of "alternative homes" - tiny homes, mobile homes, modular homes and the like. These places certainly offer a different living experience - but also a different security experience as well. However, with some clever use of security devices, including mini safes, you can make your cool alternative home as safe as any other.

So What Are Alternative Homes?

The term "alternative" generally indicates something that is pretty broad. Think alternative music, alternative comics or alternative investments. What all these terms have in common, however, is the idea that they are providing a choice that is, well, alternative to the mainstream way of doing things.

When it comes to housing, we tend to think of our options of where to live as being pretty limited. We live in apartments, condos or houses. The bigger the apartment, condo or house, the better - right? Alternative homes are shaking up the idea of not only where we live, but how we live, and how we want to live.

So, alternative homes can encompass a lot of different trends, many of which overlap. Some of the most common that you might have heard of include some of the following.

Tiny Homes

We tend to have a preconceived notion that the bigger a house is, the better it is, especially in the current homeowners market. The most expensive thing in many North American cities is land. So the more land that a home takes up, the better it is… right?

Tiny homes look to turn this trend on its head. Exactly how tiny is "tiny" varies depending on who you ask, but most tiny homes are under 400 square feet. On one hand, this means that to fit into your tiny home, everything is going to have to be carefully planned and minimized, from mini fridges to mini safes. Tiny homes require much less stuff to fully furnish, however, and have much lower impacts on your energy bill, and on the environment. If you are looking to live simply, and low impact, Tiny Homes may be the way to go.

Vehicle Homes

Why not have a home that goes wherever you go? For many people, it's a given that they need to live where their work is. But many people have begun to work remotely, breaking down the hold that the office has over us. Many people have taken to living full time in mobile homes or recreational vehicles, for example - or even on houseboats, for those who want more of a nautical flair in their lives.

Having your home and your main mode of transportation be the same thing certainly is a convenience - but it does come with its own set of difficulties. Finding a place that is appropriate to park is certainly one. While RV parks are not uncommon, they are not ubiquitous. And if you want somewhere to put your houseboat, better hope you can find an accommodating dock or yacht club!

Eco Friendly Homes

The size and shape of our homes isn't the only thing that is changing, but how they are constructed as well. Eco-friendly homes are an attempt to lower our impact on our environment through cutting back on the amount of resources a house consumes, and the waste and pollution it creates.

This can be done in a few ways. One trend is in the creation of "passive houses", that try to reduce the ecological footprint of the home. More alternative still is the idea of "off grid" homes that try to provide all of their own limited power needs. This involves setting up a home in a more remote area that is entirely self-sufficient when it comes to power. The main benefit of eco-friendly homes is, of course, lowering your environmental impact. However, reducing your power consumption can require some sacrifices to be made for comfort, as you decide what are the most efficient uses of your limited power.

Modular Homes

If you aren't moving into a home that is already constructed, it's an assumption that you'll be building a new house from scratch. However, some people have been experimenting with cutting down on the cost and speed of building by developing modular homes, which are delivered to the construction site in preparation for being put together. You simply pick which "modules" you want your new home to have, and put it all together.

The benefit is decreased cost and time of construction of your house. However, this also means that you have less control over the construction of your home. Things like security systems may not be as robust as they would normally be in a more traditionally constructed home - though of course you are free to add in mini safes or other devices as you desire.

How to Keep Your Alternative Homes Safe

Despite being a varied group, alternative homes often have many of the same concerns - mainly, how to get the same levels of comfort and security that you do in those "mainstream" kinds of houses. The security concerns, in particular, often come down to the same factors.

Firstly, alternative homes don't always have the space or power to install the most sophisticated kinds of modern security systems. In some cases, it's flat out impossible to put in the kind of alarm system you would be found in a regular home.

In many cases, the appeal of alternative homes is that you can live somewhat "off the grid" - but this isolation can also make it more difficult for authorities to reach you if you need them.

However, there are plenty of ways you can boost the security of your own alternative homes in a way that suits them. For example, mini safes and smaller alarm systems can fit pretty much anywhere. The benefit of paring down your belongings means that you also have fewer belongings to protect. A small jewelry safe can be all you need for your RV, for example.

Just because you shrink your security doesn't mean it's any less secure. Take our Biocube Mini safe, for example. This small biometric safe can find a comfy place in the tiniest of tiny homes, but is among our most secure products.

Alternative homes aren't for everyone. But that's why they're alternative! So if you do think you'd like to mix up your living, don't worry about security. You have options, like our mini safes, to let you live the life you want to live.