Jewelry Safe for Home: Tips & Benefits
Jewelry Safe for Home: Tips & Benefits

Whether you are looking to store an engagement ring or a family heirloom, having a discreet and hidden jewelry safe can be one of the best ways of ensuring your ring stays safe and protected. Below, we'll discuss why jewelry safes are the best way to keep priceless rings secure.

Tips on Keeping Engagement and Heirloom Rings Safe

Oftentimes, the most priceless possessions that we have in the home is jewelry. Whether that is an engagement ring, an expensive watch, or a family heirloom such as your grandmother's favorite brooch. While we can always put these items on our homeowner's insurance policy, losing them will cost you much more from a sentimental perspective.

Whether you wear your engagement ring or heirloom jewelry daily or not, you should always make sure that they are kept safe. But, how can you do this?

  1. Make sure the ring is sized properly - One of the most common ways that we lose or damage heirloom and engagement rings is by not getting them sized properly. Even though you may like showing it off, if your ring is too big by even a few millimeters it can slip off.
  2. Leave your rings at home while traveling - If you are planning on heading away on vacation at any time during the year, consider leaving your rings at home. Many women lose or have their engagement rings stolen while abroad each year. Whether you accidentally leave it in the airport bathrooms while washing your hands or it was stolen from the hotel safe, leaving it securely stored in a safe engagement ring box at home can be your best form of protection.
  3. Have a designated safe spot - Choose a designated space to put your ring while you're not wearing it. While many women may have a ring dish in their homes, keeping your ring in a hidden jewelry safe is often recommended. This means that you know exactly where your rings are at all times - both on and off your finger.
  4. Get your priceless rings insured - Although everyone hates the idea of misplacing an engagement ring or an heirloom ring, if you have jewelry insurance you can at least have peace of mind. If it does get misplaced or stolen, jewelry insurance will allow you to replace it.

In our personal experience, the best form of ring protection will always be storing your jewelry in a small home safe. Let's take a deeper look at the benefits of owning a hidden jewelry safe in your home.

Benefits of Having a Hidden Jewelry Safe in Your Home

Contrary to what many of us grew up believing, a jewelry box is the worst place to store expensive jewelry. Yes, you may be fond of your jewelry box but we can guarantee that it won't deter a thief from taking your possessions just because it looks pretty.

If you want to get serious about keeping your expensive engagement ring and heirloom jewelry protected then you need to consider installing a hidden jewelry safe in your home. These safes are designed to be difficult to find, and if they can't be found then it decreases the likelihood of your rings being stolen in the event of a burglary.

Additionally, a hidden jewelry safe often comes with additional security features such as an end-to-end cloud security platform, fire protection, and biometric technology.

Best Jewelry Safe & Accessories For Your Home: Mention the iCube, the 7 Mix Tray, and the 6V Tray

If you are searching for a jewelry safe for home use, we have a wide range of suitable home safes and accessories to keep your priceless possessions secure.


A white iCube

One of our smartest safes, the iCube is proving to be very popular among homeowners for keeping their jewelry and important documents locked away securely - all from the palm of their hand. A first of its kind, this home safe is entirely app-controlled using IoT technology.

With no need to remember passwords or to have a WiFi connection, you can install this home safe in various locations around your house and know that your valuables are safe. Homeowners can make a digital catalog of the safe's inventory and receive alerts all through the app.

Mycube Mini

Looking for something discreet but stylish at the same time? Then the Mycube Mini is sure to tick all of your boxes. Measuring 9" H X 16.5" W X 13.5" D and weighing 35lbs, this hidden jewelry safe is one of the smallest safes that we offer.

Ideal for installing in your bedroom closet or your home office, this small home safe is constructed using reinforced solid steel walls and features a digital keypad for seamless access. Many homeowners choose this safe to store their smaller valuables such as jewelry, passports, and spare keys.

7 Mix Tray

Beige tray on a table showing all the compartments of the tray with jewelry and a passport on the tray

No hidden jewelry safe is complete with the right storage accessories such as our 7 Mix Tray. This tray is ideal for storing valuables thanks to its microsuede finish and variously sized compartments. With ample room for your engagement ring, necklaces, earrings, and more, this tray is perfect for keeping your jewelry in a good condition while in storage.