Jewelry Safe: 6 Tips To Prevent Jewelry Theft
Jewelry Safe: 6 Tips To Prevent Jewelry Theft

There aren't many things more valuable than your jewelry.

Gold, precious gems, and well-crafted jewelry are solid investments that routinely increase in value. The jewelry market can be volatile, but the high points make investing in jewelry rewarding. At the same time, much of the jewelry included in personal collections has sentimental worth - heirlooms and gifts from loved ones are irreplaceable.

No matter the circumstances, protecting your jewelry and other valuable items is essential. We can't always predict when our homes are targeted, but we can take steps to secure our belongings and boost our confidence and peace of mind. \

Today, we'll outline 6 reliable ways to prevent jewelry theft.

How At-Risk Are You for Jewelry Theft?

Jewelry theft is one of the most common forms of burglary, as necklaces and bracelets can be easily lifted, compared to bulkier items like televisions. According to the FBI's Jewelry and Gem Theft Program, the most common cities for jewelry theft include New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, and Houston. However, it can happen anywhere.

Jewelry, unlike large quantities of cash, is far more likely to be left unprotected on bathroom countertops and bedside tables, putting it at greater risk for theft. Just like paper money, firearms, and critical personal documents, jewelry should always be kept in a safe and secure location.

6 Tips To Prevent Jewelry Theft

Preventing jewelry theft is all about risk reduction. You want to lower the reasons why a burglar may target you as well as safeguard the items themselves.

1. Always Suggest Someone Is Home

As a general rule, burglars often will look for houses that look empty. A person in the house will significantly lower the chance of a home being broken into.

According to research, approximately 60% of burglaries happen during daylight hours. Burglars assume that residents leave during the day for work or school, leaving homes in an especially vulnerable state. \

It's unrealistic to expect you to be home at all times to avoid burglary, but you can take certain steps to give off the appearance of being home, even when you're not. A car in the driveway, a light on, and a TV playing can all help. Other actions like mowing the lawn, taking in your garbage bins in a timely manner, and collecting mail promptly are wise.

You should also take steps to maintain your property, even if it's a vacation property where you don't spend consistent time. Avoid discussing that you're taking a vacation on social media. Social media pictures, including those of new, pricey purchases, act as homing beacons to criminals.

2. Invest in Home Security Technology

Professionals recommend investing in a security camera or two and setting them up near your home's entryways.

Beyond the benefits of a clear view of your property at any given time, a security camera can also stop burglars by its mere presence. You don't want to hide a camera; you want everyone to know that you will be alerted if someone tries to get in uninvited.

Doorbell cameras and visible security cameras are well worth the investment. Most include smartphone apps to access the camera from anywhere in the world, so you will always be up to date on goings-on.

More traditional methods of security are also well worth introducing to your house. Thieves don't want to draw attention to their actions within a house, so a loud alarm can alert neighbors and the authorities that a break-in has occurred.

3. Avoid the Expected Hiding Spots

In a survey conducted by NBC News, 75% of burglars said the bedroom was the first place they searched during a break-in. Jewelry is one of the last items we add to our outfits as we're dressing and, as such, is kept in close proximity to our other wardrobe essentials.

Separate your most precious jewels from your everyday wear. Burglars are looking to get in and out of the home as quickly as possible. If you place a jewelry safe in an unexpected place like a kitchen pantry, hidden underneath boxes in a closet, or in a bathroom, you have a better chance of them failing to find it.

Better yet, get a small home safe for your everyday jewelry and a second safe for other, larger prized pieces. Splitting up your possessions makes it even more unlikely that burglars will be able to walk off with your valuables.

4. Always Be Conscious of Who Is Home

Not all jewelry theft is the work of professional criminals. Many break-ins are conducted by friends, family members, houseguests, or acquaintances.

Before hosting guests, be vigilant about tucking away valuable items. It's also a good idea to stay home while service workers are in your home. It may feel overly cautious, but your presence will decrease the temptation to steal. If you can work from home during service visits, take that opportunity to protect your belongings.

5. Lock Up Jewelry In a High-Quality Safe

The best technique to protect your jewelry is to invest in a high-quality safe.

Your primary goals in purchasing a safe are:

  1. Prioritizing sophisticated locking technology. The spinning dial safes of the past are nothing compared to the electronic locking and biometric locking capabilities we have today.
  2. Managing home integration. While it might prove challenging for thieves to walk off with a large safe, the right small safes can prove just as tricky to separate from their home base. Safes like the Biocube Mini have thick reinforced steel walls and arrive with 8 pre-drilled holes, so you can bolt-down your safe exactly where you want it.
  3. Ensuring your safe will not do any damage to the jewelry. Your jewelry safe should have a soft interior bottom pad so that your jewelry stays as flawless as the day you bought it. With the help of an internal light, you can find what you're looking for as you dash out the door or inspect your belongings.

Mycube has over 100 years of experience creating safes that combine raw power and stunning aesthetics. Our family's safekeeping legacy - trusted by the world's greatest jewelry professionals and designers - is now incorporated into accessible safes for the discerning homeowner. With safes in stylish colors like Teal and high-gloss white, you can store your jewelry in a safe that is as personal to you as your heirlooms are.

In addition to our drawer, medium-sized, and full-scale safes, we also have jewelry organizers that can store your most precious goods in an organized fashion, perfect for traveling and using hotel safes.

6. Home Insurance

Your jewelry isn't just worth money - it has personal and sentimental value. That's why jewelry insurance can help you maintain your peace of mind.

When all else fails, it's essential to take out an insurance policy on your jewelry. While insurance won't prevent theft and won't be able to replace the goods themselves, a cash return can help soften the blow of the loss.

Protecting What's Valuable To You

The level of security you invest in to protect your goods comes down to the value you place on them. For truly irreplaceable items like family heirlooms, wedding and engagement rings, and vintage pieces, adequate theft prevention can help provide a profound sense of peace of mind.

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