iCube Setup Guide
iCube Setup Guide

The future is here - and the future is wireless safes. The Mycube iCube allows you to unlock your safe without even touching it, through the power of the iCube app. Plus, the iCube connection is entirely secure, featuring our end-to-end cloud security platforms, tamper alerts, and a robust frame. If you're looking for the most connected secure home safe, then look no further. If you've already decided to get one of the best home safes out there, or are considering it, you may be wondering just how you set up a wireless safe. Well, wonder no longer! This blog will be your complete guide to getting your iCube up and operational.


The iCube is one of the best home safes for a variety of places - from bedrooms to home offices. Installation of the iCube works like with any of our other Mycube products. The safe has four points of contact on the back and four on the bottom. To get the most secure home safe experience, all you need to do is find two secure surfaces to attach the safe to. We recommend at least one of those be a wall - this is why shelves are a great place to put an iCube. You'll also want to make sure there is a power source nearby for the next part.


Just because it's a wireless safe shouldn't make setting up your Mycube a daunting task. All you'll need is a power source for the safe, and a phone with a wireless connection. Start by plugging in your iCube with the power plug provided, then downloading the "Mycube Safe" app from the Apple App or Google Play Stores. Next, create your account on the Mycube Safe App and confirm your email - there is also an option to use biometrics if your device has them set up. After this, open the door of your safe and scan the QR there using the app. Voila, your home safe is now paired to your App and account! Now all you need to do is use the App to set a pin for your safe and there you go! You can now control your safe right from your smartphone.


From now on, whenever you want to open your wireless safe, just open the App and go from there. Neat, huh? The only thing you need to worry about beyond the App is keeping the safe powered, so make sure it's plugged in. There is a backup battery that powersed the safe, and your safe will actually warn you if it's running out of power, which will only happen if there's a power outage lasting several days. If you want to open your safe manually, you just need to slide the handle on the front to reveal the keyhole - but most of what you need to do can be done right on the App. And a lot of this is very cool indeed. With your iCube, you can use the App to share access with other family members that have the App. You can also photograph items and build a catalog of your inventory right on the App, to keep track of what is in the safe at any given moment. Plus, the safe will send you a warning message if anyone tampers with it. This last bit is what makes the iCube among the most secure home safes out there - how many other safes will give you a text if they're in trouble no matter where you are? You can also manage multiple iCubes at a time from one app.


One last thing - make sure to register your key with us by going to This will let us send you a replacement key in case of an emergency. And if you have any other issues, we offer full support, 24/7. All you need to do is shoot an email to or contact us at +1 800 590 1592 and we'll be working on a solution right away.