How To Open a Safe if You've Lost the Combination
How To Open a Safe if You've Lost the Combination

It happens to the best of us. You try to open your safe, but you just can't remember the combination. Maybe you wrote it down somewhere random. Maybe you never wrote it down at all.

If you're tempted to try to guess your way into your own safe, remember that combination safes are designed to withstand random guesses. Thanks to the power of mathematical permutations, a 3-wheel or 3-number combination lock will have about 800,000 useable combinations, while a 4-wheel combination lock will have about 80 million useable combinations.

Although random guesswork is out, there are luckily still ways to get into your safe if you've lost the combination. We'll cover these techniques in detail below.

But first, we'll offer some tips to help you avoid the misfortune of misplacing or forgetting your safe combination altogether. You'll be on your way to better security practices in no time.

How To Never Lose Your Safe Combination

1. Opt for a Biometric Lock

The simplest option? Skip the combination lock altogether. Instead, look to new technology for an easier approach.

Biometric locks are opened using state-of-the-art fingerprinting, retinal scanning, or face recognition technology. Instead of having to worry about using a traditional key or combination to lock and unlock your safe, you can register your unique fingerprint or other biological measurements to secure your valuables.

If you want a safe that comes with an advanced biometric lock, check out Mycube's Biocube. The Biocube uses our proprietary biometric safe fingerprint technology to allow you to unlock it with a simple touch.

It also features our ⅛-inch-thick walls, tamper-proof door bolts, and 8 pre-drilled bolt holes for easy installation - but that doesn't mean it's low on style. With three glossy colors to choose from (black, white, and graphite gray), the Biocube has a sleek profile that you won't want to hide away at the back of your closet.

The Biocube features an internal light that turns on when you open the safe, helping you find exactly what you need in seconds. And it even comes in a smaller option (the Biocube Mini) if you're short on space and you only have a few valuables that need protecting.

2. Choose a Connected Smart Safe

You can also connect a smart safe to your phone, tablet, or laptop using the internet or cellular service. Instead of entering a PIN or using a key, smart safes like the iCube allow you to unlock them from anywhere via an app on your smartphone. There's no need to remember a passcode, since you'll have access in the palm of your hand.

The iCube comes in a streamlined black or white option and includes an in-app catalog feature that helps you catalog exactly what's inside. It also includes our end-to-end cloud security platform, tamper alerts, and 8 pre-drilled bolt holes for easy, secure installation in your home.

3. Protect Your Keypad Safe Combination

If you do opt for a keypad combination safe, store it somewhere secure that you can easily access when needed. You can go the old-fashioned route by writing your code down somewhere that only you have access to, like a locked diary. You could also store it using a digital password manager.

Other alternatives include writing the code in a password-protected document, in the Notes app on your password-protected phone, or in an email or text that you send to yourself.

4. Give a Trusted Family Member Your Safe Combination

If there is someone in your family or friend circle that you can entrust with private information, ask them to keep your safe's combination and not share it with anyone else. You'll want to choose someone trustworthy who you've known for a long time - and double-check that they're storing the combination in a place where it can't easily be lost, forgotten, or overseen.

What To Do If You Forget Your Safe Combination

If you've followed our preventative tips, but the unexpected has still happened, you've got options.

1. Call a Locksmith

If you can't remember your safe combination or where you stored it, call a locksmith. These professionals have experience opening a wide variety of locks, including the ones that come with safes. No matter what kind of lock you have, a locksmith likely has the tools to open it.

2. Override the Electronic Combination With a Manual Key

If you forget the electronic combination to your safe, you may be able to open it with a manual key. You will need to override the electronic combination in order to do this.

First, locate your manual key. To override the electronic combination on select Mycube models, reach beneath your safe's keypad and release the keyhole cover by pressing on the bottom of the keypad. Once the keyhole cover opens, insert your manual key and open the safe door.

You'll want to make sure to keep your manual key somewhere accessible, like on a keychain with your car keys. Although it should go without saying, do NOT store your manual key in your safe.

Do not store your manual key anywhere obvious, either, like the top of a doorsill in the room where your safe is located. Good places to hide your manual key include drawers with false bottoms, cupboards with hidden compartments, refrigerators, and other places where a burglar won't think of looking.

For added ease of use, Mycube allows you to register your manual key. If you ever lose it, Mycube will replace it.

3. Call the Safe Company

If your local locksmith is unavailable, call your safe's manufacturer for help opening it up. Before calling them, locate your safe's model and serial numbers. Many safe companies can provide you with the combination to your safe or send you a replacement key or code.

If you can't open your Mycube safe, live support is available via a chat feature or email. Go to the Mycube Support page and either select the chat icon or select which safe you're having trouble with from the icons provided.

You'll then be brought to a page with a "Forgot Code" drop-down option, where you will see instructions for how to unlock your safe. If your safe came with a manual key, but you have lost it, you can email, and a customer service representative will contact you to help.

Wrapping Up

Losing the combination to your safe can be frustrating, but it's not the end of the world. Your best bet is to store your combination somewhere secure just in case you ever forget it. It's also a great idea to store your manual key, if you have one, somewhere easy to access in the event that you need to perform an electronic override.

If you lose the combination to a Mycube safe, we're here to help. Contact our support team for assistance or follow our easy instructions to open your Mycube safe today.


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