Fireproof Safes: Everything You Need To Know
Fireproof Safes: Everything You Need To Know

House fires can occur unexpectedly and devastate your life. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 26% of fires reported in the United States between 2015 and 2019 occurred in homes.

During this 5-year period, US fire departments responded to an average of around 346,800 home structure fires annually. These fires resulted in an average of $7.3 billion in direct property damage each year.

You may have already have a document safe or home safe to protect your most important property - but will your lock box or security safe also keep your belongings safe in the event of a fire? If not, you'll want to consider a fireproof safe to keep your irreplaceable belongings safe and secure.

Below, we'll cover everything you need to know about fireproof safes.

How Do Fireproof Safes Work?

When a house fire occurs, your safe's exterior walls will begin to heat up. Beneath those exterior walls, there is likely a middle layer of gypsum (a fire-resistant mineral) that will undergo a chemical reaction to protect the valuables within the safe.

It's important to remember that, while a fire-resistant safe is considered fireproof, nothing is technically 100% fireproof. Fireproof safes can protect valuables that are within the safe from the specific conditions detailed by the safe's ETL fire rating.

How Much Heat Can a Fireproof Safe Withstand?

The amount of heat that a fireproof safe can withstand depends on its fire rating. Fireproof safe boxes can last as long as the heat and length of the fire do not exceed their fire rating. Beyond those temperature and time limits, valuables inside the fireproof safe can potentially melt.

The Firecube offers a 1-hour fire protection ETL rating at 1700ºF. This is commercial-grade fire protection - but without the heavy-duty appearance of a commercial safe.

The Firecube also features water protection from sprinklers, two tamper-proof steel bolts to keep the door tight and secure, and a top pull-out drawer to accommodate the Mycube Fire Safe Tray.

How Long Can a Fireproof Safe Last in an Emergency?

To determine how long your items will stay safe in a fireproof safe box, you have to consider the size of the safe and the type of fire. A small fireproof safe will protect your items for a short time, while a larger safe can protect them for longer.

Of course, no matter what size or type you buy, there's no guarantee that it will withstand every kind of fire. Remember to check the description of any fireproof safe before purchasing it so that you know its official ETL fire rating.

Do You Need a Fireproof Safe?

With security safe options ranging from wall safes and gun safes to waterproof safes and floor safes, why should you opt for one that is fireproof?

Simply put, a fireproof safe is worth it because it can save your irreplaceable valuables and keep your documents safe in the event of a house fire.

If you have any valuables that you would be devastated to lose in a fire, you'll want to invest in a fireproof safe box to provide better protection against not only thieves but also fire damage. You'll have better peace of mind knowing that your valuables will be kept safe even if your home security is compromised.

What Should You Store in a Fireproof Safe?

The most important things to store in a fireproof home safe are irreplaceable valuables. Here are some examples of items that people frequently store in fire-resistant safes:

  • Important documents like birth certificates, house deeds, and Social Security cards that would otherwise go in a safe deposit box.
  • Family heirlooms like precious jewelry, photographs, and keepsakes that don't need frequent removal.
  • Digital media like hard drives, MicroSD cards, crypto wallet passwords, and more.
  • Emergency cash.

While some fireproof safes are large and bulky, they might not be necessary if you're only looking to provide protection to a small number of critical documents and prized possessions.

The Best Fireproof Safe on the Market: MyCube Firecube

What the Firecube offers that others do not is an aesthetically pleasing design coupled with advanced fire protection. Although it's a 55-pound commercial-grade fireproof safe that provides 1 hour of fire protection at 1700ºF, it has none of the bulkiness of regular commercial safes.

Instead, the Firecube features a sleek design in black or white with pry-resistant steel construction. It also includes water-resistant protection from sprinklers and internal locking bolts to bolt down the safe into your home office, bedroom, or linen closet.

The Firecube also uses a digital keypad for its electronic locking mechanism to protect against unauthorized access to the safe. This digital lock is a 6-digit illuminated keypad lock, and the safe comes with a lifetime warranty.

Mycube also offers safes with biometric door locks, which are a top pick for anyone who loves smart home tech. Although it is not fireproof, the Biocube's sophisticated exterior, tamper-proof steel construction, and fingerprint recognition technology make it a valuable addition to your home security measures.

Some of the other fireproof safes include those crafted by SentrySafe, Honeywell, and First Alert.

  • The SentrySafe's SFW205GQC safe has a fire rating of 1 hour for up to 1700ºF. Like the Firecube, it features a digital keypad with a second key lock as its locking mechanism. The SFW205GQC safe's storage capacity is 2.05 cubic feet (cu ft).
  • The Honeywell's 1104 safe has a fire rating of 1 hour for up to 1550ºF, key lock for its locking mechanism and a 39-cubic-feet storage capacity.
  • The First Alert's 2087F-BD safe has a fire rating of 1 hour for up to 1700ºF and offers a combination lock for its locking mechanism.

Wrapping Up

No one is safe from a fire occurring in their own home - so why risk it? From fireproof to waterproof safes, there are many options to protect against the loss of your valuables. Fireproof safes will also help increase your home's security by keeping your valuables safe and sound from any theft.

We know that investing in a fireproof safe is a big decision, and we want to make sure you feel like you're making an informed one. Check out our sophisticated safe offerings so you can have peace of mind knowing you've made the right decision in keeping your valuables safe.


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