Fingerprint Gun Safes: How Do They Work?
Fingerprint Gun Safes: How Do They Work?

Responsible gun ownership includes having a safe, secure place to store your firearm. Whether you have kids or not, a gun safe is a surefire way to guarantee that your weapon is where it should be when you need it.

Indeed, a gun safe can be vital during a break-in, a fire, or any other household emergency.

But you don't have to stick with a traditional gun safe that relies on a keypad or key. Such safes, while effective, may take too long to open. Fingerprint gun safes have numerous advantages and can be relied on in a pinch.

Let's explore how fingerprint gun safes work and the benefits of using one to store your firearms now.

What Is a Fingerprint Gun Safe?

A fingerprint gun safe is just like a standard gun safe in many ways. Fingerprint gun safes are made to be durable against potential burglars, and most of them have enough room for at least one handgun, if not more.

Fingerprint gun safes come in many sizes; some offer shelves or gun racks for larger firearms.

But fingerprint gun safes have one significant difference: they feature biometric fingerprint sensors and internal computers that remember the unique fingerprints of those who have access to them.

With a fingerprint gun safe, you don't have to use a key or input a passcode on a keypad to open up your safe in a hurry. Instead, you can just put your thumbprint on the biometric scanner, and the safe will open for immediate access.

How Does a Fingerprint Gun Safe Work?

Every fingerprint gun safe works based on the same primary principle: fingerprints are unique.

If you were to record your fingerprint on a biometric safe, only your fingerprint could open that safe instead of a key (which could be stolen or lost) or a password (which could be learned by someone else).

Fingerprint gun safes work with a few major components:

  • A biometric sensor, which reads individual fingerprints and records them in a computer
  • A computer to store the fingerprints and control the locking and unlocking mechanisms when needed
  • A software program that recognizes when the biometric sensor has scanned an acceptable fingerprint

When you use a biometric gun safe for the first time, you place your thumb on the safe and program your fingerprint as the only acceptable print.

Depending on the safe you choose, you may be able to add more fingerprints - such as the fingerprints of other responsible adults in your household - to the gun safe so they can access it as well.

Once your fingerprint has been added to the gun safe, you can use your thumbprint to open the safe at any time. Some biometric gun safes are plugged into the wall to have power. Others rely on batteries.

Why Should You Consider a Biometric Gun Safe?

There are many great reasons to use a biometric gun safe, especially when you compare biometric gun safes to alternatives.

You Won't Lose Your Key

For starters, you don't ever have to worry about losing your key or, even worse, someone inappropriate getting access to the key, like a child. Not only does this provide you with additional peace of mind, but it's one less thing you have to keep track of.

With a biometric gun safe, you always have your key on hand (quite literally). Furthermore, you have ultimate control over who is allowed access to the gun safe, as your thumbprint will be needed to add new fingerprints to the safe's computer system.

Quick and Easy Access

Furthermore, fingerprint gun safes give you quick and easy access to your firearms when needed.

In the event of a break-in, you don't need to fumble around in the dark of your bedroom with a key or try to remember your password while panicking.

You can just put your thumb on the biometric sensor, and the gun safe will open to give you your self-defense tools. Quick and easy access is essential for any safe, especially one you plan to rely on in dangerous situations.

Can't Be Guessed or Replicated

On top of that, your thumbprint cannot be guessed or replicated by someone trying to get access to your gun safe. Contrary to what films show us, replicating or copying a person's fingerprint is not easy, nor is it guaranteed to work.

Ultimately, biometric gun safes are simply safer than alternatives.

What Should You Look for in a Fingerprint Gun Safe?

That said, you should look for a few significant factors in any good fingerprint gun safe to ensure you get your money's worth.

Fingerprint Storage

Make sure you choose a fingerprint gun safe with enough fingerprint storage capability for your needs. For instance, if you need five people to access the safe, make sure your chosen gun safe has enough memory capacity for five unique fingerprints.

Tamper-Proof Doors

Any good fingerprint gun safe should have tamper-proof doors. Tamper-proof doors prevent someone from breaking into the safe using brute force.

Of course, this is highly important for any safe in your household, but it's doubly important for your firearm since giving a burglar access to your weapons is dangerous.

Handy Accessories

You may want to look for a fingerprint gun safe that offers access to handy accessories, like an interior light, removable shelving for organizational purposes, and solid construction for even more durability and peace of mind.

Be sure to read what every given gun safe offers before purchasing one to get the right security tool for your needs.

What Are the Best Biometric Gun Safes?

There are lots of quality biometric gun safes to consider. However, you should pick a biometric gun safe that's the right size and type for your needs and your current (and future) firearms.

Here are three top-tier biometric gun safe options for different guns or personal requirements.

For Handguns

If you primarily want to keep handguns or other personal firearms safe and secure, the Mycube Biocube Plus is an excellent option.

This model is similar to the Biocube Classic, but it's a bit larger, so you can fit more firearms - plus additional valuables, like jewelry and deeds - within without compromising on space.

The Biocube Plus features eight predrilled bolt holes and a hardware kit to ensure easy installation wherever you choose to set it up. The safe also features an interior light that illuminates the interior, so you can quickly retrieve your firearm in a home defense situation.

The safe can be yours in a matter of days with free shipping and a lifetime warranty. Any technical issues you may run into are fully covered by this warranty, providing maximum peace of mind 24/7.

For Long Guns

But if you own rifles, shotguns, or other larger firearms, you may find the Biocube Professional better fits your needs. The Professional safe is much larger than alternatives, at 80 pounds, so that you can fit several full-sized firearms.

The Professional safe further comes with an adjustable shelving system, two shelves out of the box, and a removable foam firearm holder. If you require extra organizational elements, you can purchase additional shelves later.

Then there's the internal lockbox inside the safe: perfect for storing smaller handguns, jewelry, or even bullets for your rifles to ensure maximum firearm safety.

The Professional safe is a very reliable and valuable piece of equipment, featuring an auto-locking door and a proprietary touchscreen keypad and fingerprint scan sensor. With that sensor and keypad, you can store up to 10 unique fingerprints, so you and other responsible adults in your family can access firearms quickly when needed.

Remember that you can use this larger safe for other items, such as smaller jewelry boxes, tools, and gun maintenance equipment.

For Travel

If you travel frequently, having a self-defense firearm on your person is a good idea. But while on the go, you should keep your gun in a safe to prevent accidents or theft.

That's where the Biocube In-Drawer Safe comes in. This unique fingerprint gun safe opens from the top and can be placed within most standard desk drawers.

Therefore, you can easily take this safe to your vacation home or hotel, place your firearm in a desk drawer, and have easy access to it if needed at the touch of a finger.

Like other Biocube safes, the In-Drawer Safe comes with a bright internal light so that you can quickly retrieve your firearm or valuables, even at night or when the lights of your room are off.

Pair this safe with other safety tools, like Biocube's Passport Holder, for even more peace of mind while traveling worldwide.

The Bottom Line

Overall, fingerprint gun safes are the best choice for responsible gun owners. Whether you want to store a handgun, several rifles, or a mixture of different firearms, the right fingerprint gun safe can keep your weapons safe and secure and allow you to access them quickly when needed.

Mycube has several excellent fingerprint gun safe options to consider. Check out our Biocube safes today, or contact us for more information.


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