Dorm Room Safe: 5 Benefits and Uses
Dorm Room Safe: 5 Benefits and Uses

The freedom of college is one of the main reasons why it's such a magical time in life. You'll meet a lot of new people while learning new skills. However, that freedom may mean you'll have much less security than living at home.

As a college student, protecting your valuables will be up to you. College dorm rooms aren't immune to the occasional burglary, so you'll need to take steps to help deter thieves. The easiest and most effective way is to purchase a safe for your dorm room.

5 Benefits and Uses for a Dorm Room Safe

Dorm rooms are notoriously small so that a university can fit as many students as possible. In some cases, they can be tiny. Most dorm rooms average 12 by 19 feet, about 228 square feet of space.

In other words, a dorm room may be no bigger than a one-car garage yet holds two people, two beds, two dressers, two desks, and all kinds of necessary extras (like hefty textbooks). They typically boast a simple key lock.

With such limited space, you'll have to get creative with your use of your personal college dorm safe. A smaller living area means you'll have to use a smaller safe and be more selective with what goes inside.

Here are five examples of valuables that should fit comfortably inside the dorm safe that you choose:

1. Protect Your Jewelry

Jewelry is often among the most valuable items that a person owns. The precious metals and jewels used in jewelry can make them useful monetarily. However, the actual value of jewelry often lies in its sentimental value.

A ring made of copper, pewter, or nickel might not be worth much cash, but it can mean the world to its owner if it's a family heirloom. Having a precious heirloom lost or stolen can be devastating and could have a profoundly negative effect on your studies.

The easiest way to prevent that is to store all your jewelry in your solid steel dorm safe when you aren't wearing it. You'll know exactly where it is and easily access it whenever you want to wear it.

2. Keep Your Laptop Safe

Laptops are often an essential part of being a student. You'll likely use your laptop for several hours every day throughout your time in college. Having your laptop stolen won't just cost you money. It will likely cost you notes, projects, and class information too.

You could fall far behind in your classes while trying to find and buy a replacement laptop.

The most common places people keep their laptops are on their work desks or in their book bags. You can imagine how easy it is for someone to swipe your laptop off your desk or for it to get damaged in your bag.

Keeping it inside a safe will make it impossible for either of these events to happen.

3. A Safe Place for Cash

Cash isn't used nearly as often as it was a few decades ago, but it's still the king of currency. Cash spends the same whether it was earned or stolen, so leaving it lying around your dorm room is a surefire way to lose it.

If you're leaving out cash, it's essentially leaving raw meat next to a pack of hungry lions.

You should always keep some cash on hand in case of an emergency. However, you should also make sure that you're keeping it protected. Cash under your mattress, in your sock drawer, or stuffed in a piggy bank might have worked at home.

Now that you're in college, it will take something much more substantial. Cash can easily fit in even the smallest safes. You won't find a better or more secure place to stash your cash.

4. Store Your Passport

College offers the opportunity for unique experiences at home and overseas. Many college students choose to study abroad.

The experience of living in another country while continuing your studies can be life-changing. Of course, there are also enticing and exotic spring break destinations.

To leave the country, you'll need to have an active passport. A passport is still valuable even if you don't plan on leaving the country anytime soon.

Keep anything terrible from happening to your passport by keeping it locked tight when you're not using it. The last thing you want is for it to get lost or damaged. Replacing your passport can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

You might never forgive yourself if you miss out on studying abroad or taking off with your friends for a week because you damaged your passport in your dorm. Using a safe is the most effective way to keep your passport out of harm's way, plus you'll always know where you can find it.

5. Protect Fine Perfumes and Colognes

Whether it was a special gift for your high school graduation or a treat you got yourself, that fine perfume or cologne won't last long if the floor of your dorm gets a hold of it. These aphrodisiacs can be expensive. Make sure that you don't have yours taken or borrowed.

A roommate might not even think to ask before generously showering themselves in your expensive fragrance. Keeping your perfumes and colognes locked away in your safe will ensure that your signature scent stays just that - yours.

What Is the Best Safe for a Dorm Room?

There are way more options for dorm room safes than you might think. A quick search online will yield a ton of results. But a safe box isn't created equal. The problem is that many a security box is cheaply made and of poor quality.

You should be careful about searching online for a safe and only consider safes that offer maximum quality and protection.

Here are the the great options for space-saving safes:

  1. Best Small Safe: The Biocube Mini
  2. Best Smart Safe: The iCube
  3. Best Drawer Safe: Biocube In-Drawer

Best Small Safe: The Biocube Mini

The Biocube Mini is the perfect place to start your search. What's special about the Biocube Mini is that you'll enjoy all the best features of a standard Biocube, but with a fraction of the size.

The 35-pound Biocube Mini includes ⅛-inch thick reinforced steel walls, eight pre-drilled bolt holes, tamper-proof bolts, and an interior light. The biometric locking mechanism means that your fingerprint is the key to this steel security safe.

You can store up to 10 fingerprint profiles that will all have access by simply touching the digital scanner pad on this portable safe. Alternatively, you can create a four to six-digit numerical code for maximum security. You can purchase the Biocube Mini for $525, and it's currently available in white, gray, or black.

Mycube covers shipping costs, and it will take two or three days to arrive.

Best Smart Safe: The iCube

The iCube features cutting-edge modern technology that isn't readily available with most other safes. Fully embrace the future by installing the wireless, programmable, and contactless iCube safe.

The 38-pound iCube will need to be plugged into an outlet to work but comes with a long list of unique features. You'll be able to view what's inside of your safe with the companion app, which will also allow you to open the safe without touching the lock system.

The app includes end-to-end cloud security, tampering alerts, and various user management tools. The eight pre-drilled bolt holes will help you to install it easily.

The iCube is currently available for $695 in both black and white. There are no additional shipping costs, and it usually arrives within two to three days.

Best Drawer Safe: Biocube In-Drawer

The Biocube In-Drawer includes the same features as the standard Biocube and the Biocube Mini. The critical difference is that the Biocube In-Drawer is designed to fit snugly inside a drawer.

The 35-pound Biocube In-Drawer includes the standard ⅛-inch thick reinforced steel walls, tamper-proof door bolts, pre-drilled bolt holes, and internal light of a Biocube. The dual spring lifting arms make it easy to access important documents or credit card while properly securing your pull-out drawer.

A soft pad on the interior makes it the best dorm safe for delicate items like if you need to temporarily store your cell phone. This safe only requires four AA batteries to power the touchscreen electronic keypad.

The Biocube In-Drawer costs $525 with digital keypad and is available in black and white options. The shipping costs are free, and it will take two to three days to arrive.


The first rule about shopping for a safe is determining the one that's best suited to meet your specific needs. Trying to find a heavy-duty safe that you can use within the crowded area of a dorm room can be a bit challenging. That's where Mycube comes in.

The Biocube Mini, iCube, and Biocube In-Drawer are small enough to fit comfortably inside your dorm and strong enough to protect your valuables. Keep a low profile and stow away your precious items for peace of mind.

Mycube offers free shipping on new purchases and a 35-day free trial. Using a safe can help you keep your mind on your studies and get the most out of your time in college.

You won't have to worry about having any of your valuables lost or stolen when you have a steel construction, high-quality Mycube safe inside your dorm. When you're ready to move in to a house or an apartment, we'll be able to meet your needs there too, with a fire-resistant safe, our fireproof Mycube Firecube.


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