Biocube Setup Guide
Biocube Setup Guide

You might have noticed a couple of guides for other Mycube products. If you are the proud owner of a Biocube biometric home safe (or are looking for a small biometric safe for your abode), you may be wondering when you'd get your turn. Well, never fear - the following blog is a home safe installation guide for the Biocube. Whether you're looking for a biometric jewelry safe or a biometric gun safe, the Biocube will keep what's valuable to you safely under biometric lock and key.


Regardless if you have the Biocube or the Biocube Mini, both of our biometric home safes are easy to install. If you've done any home installation before it should be a breeze. Even if you're new to installation, it won't be too much trouble - both safes have four points of contact on the back and four on the bottom. You can put your Biocube anywhere you like, but we recommend connecting to two strong surfaces - shelves are a popular choice in order to hook the Biocube into the bottom shelf and wall.


Just because it's a biometric home safe, doesn't make the Biocube any more difficult to set up than our regular line of digital safes. Indeed, most of the process is pretty similar - so if you're a returning customer, you can set up with total confidence. First things first, you need to get your password set up. While the Biocube of course has a biometric scanner, it will also open with a password. The password is also necessary for registering future fingerprints to the biometric scanner. To set the passcode, unlock the door of the safe and then press **01#. If done correctly, you'll hear "Please Enter Your Password." Now you can enter a 4-6 digit password, finishing by pressing #. You will hear a prompt saying "Please do again". Do this, and your password is now set!


Now that the digital lock is all set up with a password, you can get to inputting your fingerprint for quick access. Start off by pressing **02#. You should hear "Please verify". Enter the password you created above and press #. Once you've done this, you should hear a sequence of instructions to put your finger on the biometric scanner three times. Once you've done this, your fingerprints have been scanned and recorded! If you follow tine instructions correctly, you should hear a response of "fingerprint registration complete". Congratulations, you can now open your safe with but a touch! If there was an issue you should hear a message of "verification failed". Not to worry - just restart this process from the top. You can repeat the above process up to 9 more times, to add up to 10 total fingerprints to the safe. This means you can have your entire family registered with the safe, making it as easy for them to access as yourself.


Do note that if the wrong password or wrong fingerprint is entered multiple times, the safe may lock itself for five minutes. If this is the issue, you can simply wait for the five minutes to be up to try again with the correct password or registered fingerprint. Of course, you can also always use the key to open up the safe. Just make sure to register it as soon as possible so you can get a replacement. And if you have continuing issues with your Biocube, just make sure to contact us right away. We offer around-the-clock service to help out all our customers. All you need to do is shoot an email to or contact us at +1 800 590 1592 and we'll be working on a solution right away.