Best Gun Safe To Keep Your Firearms Secure
Best Gun Safe To Keep Your Firearms Secure

When it comes to firearm safety, you don't want to take any risks. Per Project ChildSafe, the largest firearms safety education program in the U.S., properly storing guns in a locked safe is the easiest way to ensure your firearms don't fall into the wrong hands.

To ease your safe shopping experience and ensure peace of mind, we've put together this guide to help you find the right safe for you.

Why Is a Gun Safe Important?

Having a sturdy gun safe ensures that you are the only one who is able to access dangerous firearms. When you have children at home, it is imperative to keep secure gun storage in mind.

Oftentimes, parents are unaware that their children know a gun's location in their home; however, 75% of children living in a home with a gun know where the gun is located. Simply hiding a gun from your child isn't enough to keep them from accessing it.

In some states, such as California, there are specific laws regarding gun storage and safe features.

Studies show that even when children participate in gun-safety programs, they do not follow the information taught in the course when encountering a gun in real life. If your child is able to access your firearms, disaster and tragedy are almost inevitable.

Harmful incidents are more likely to occur because having a gun in a home dramatically increases the risk of potential injury from firearms. Nearly 1,300 children die as a result of accidental gunfire every year.

**Owning a secured gun safe could mean the difference between life and death. **

Those statistics might be scary, but they don't have to be. Properly storing firearms in a safe reduces the risk of children - or anyone else in your home - gaining access to your firearms and thus undue harm.

A Safe You Can Trust

The best gun safe is one that gives you peace of mind through intelligent locking features and thoughtful design. When choosing a safe, it's critical to consider what kind of lock works best for your needs. This boils down to a few general categories: locking systems, internal storage compartments, and the ability to keep the wrong people out.

When it comes to lock preferences, some gun owners prefer a traditional button keypad, while others prioritize a locking system that grants more immediate access, like with biometric locking. The best locks can grant speedy access and have an auto-lock capability that has your back even when your back is turned.

Thick steel doors are essential, along with tamper-proof bolts. However, the inside of a safe is just as important as the exterior. Assets like internal lights and a removable interior shelf ensure that all your valuables are exactly where you left and are easy to locate when you need them.

Our line of safes feature various locking mechanisms, from biometric fingerprint scanning to controlling the lock from your smartphone.

Let's take a closer look at these options to determine which is right for you.

Biometric Gun Safes

This first option is a favorite of gun owners who appreciate the ability of biometric technology that allows them to access their firearms quickly.

Our biometric lock safes use a fingerprint scanner sensor to ensure only those with registered fingerprints can open the safe. You can register up to 10 fingerprints for quick access.

With a biometric scanner safe, you don't have to worry about someone finding out your passcode or accessing your safe if your phone gets stolen.

Firearms come in all shapes and sizes, and our best biometric safes come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a variety of guns. Before purchasing a high-security safe, we recommend you measure your gun to ensure that you purchase the right size safe for your needs.

Keypad Safes

One of the most classic safe locks is a traditional button keypad. Keypad safes allow you to set a passcode that you enter to open the safe. Keypads are a great safe storage option if you don't care for high-tech gadgets.

The Mycube Classic is a great option for a traditional keypad safe. It features a number keypad with digits 0 to 9, allowing for myriad combinations. To ensure maximum security, we recommend avoiding passcodes that contain the digits of a birthday or other easily guessable numbers in the case of a break-in.

If you're looking for a smaller safe, the Mycube Mini offers a more compact size with the same excellent keypad feature. It also comes in a stunning tiffany blue color, perfect for adding a touch of style to your safe.

Another option is our Wall Safe, also featuring a keypad lock and pre-drilled holes. The Wall Safe is recessed between two wall studs and mounts into your wall.

A wall safe is great if you have plenty of underutilized wall space or lack the space to store a traditional safe. The Wall Safe's sleek design offers a stylish addition to your wall while protecting your valuables at the same time.

Smartphone Safes

If you're worried about forgetting a passcode or are looking for a more high-tech option, consider a smartphone-controlled safe. Our iCube safe connects to your smartphone via the MycubeSafe app, downloadable from the App Store for iOS phones and Google Play on Androids.

From the app, you can lock and unlock your safe from anywhere. You can be notified if someone has tampered with your safe and even remotely catalog the contents of your safe.

The advantage of a smartphone-controlled safe is that you can monitor the status of your safe from anywhere in the world. The iCube is a perfect option if you're frequently on the go and want to check up on your possessions while you're away from home. The ability to manage your safe from out of the house adds another layer of security to your firearms.

All Mycube safes come with a backup key and key lock if the battery-powered security features die. While a mechanical lock is a good backup feature, it's wise to replace the batteries once a year.

For Small Guns

If your firearms are on the small side, we recommend the Biocube or Biocube Mini safe. These safes feature ⅛-inch thick steel walls and tamper-proof door locking bolts to ensure maximum security. Like all our safes, they also include an automatic interior light for your convenience and a bottom luxury placing pad for added protection.

Another small gun option is our Biocube In-Drawer safe. This safe fits inside a drawer for an extra layer of concealment. The Biocube In-Drawer safe opens from the top rather than the side for easy access within a drawer. This in-drawer safe is an ideal option for anyone looking to keep their safe out of plain view.

These safes, in particular, are small enough and attractive enough to allow a gun owner to keep their gun wherever they want access to it. They integrate flawlessly in a bedroom closet, in a bedside table, or even in a more prominent and visible location.

For Large Guns

If you have longer or larger firearms, one of our more spacious biometric safes will be perfect for you. One option is our Biocube Plus safe. This option is similar to the original Biocube and Biocube Mini but with expanded storage space. The Biocube Plus also features a removable interior shelf for flexible gun storage organization.

Our largest option is the Biocube Professional safe. It features a vertical 57"-high design, which is ideal for storing longer firearms, such as rifles, shotguns, and scopes.

Inside the Biocube Professional is an additional lockbox for smaller items you wish to keep secure such as cash, pistols, and ammo. With our thick steel walls, 12 tamper-proof bolts, and auto-locking door, the Biocube Professional makes the ideal long gun safe.

Quality Safes

Gun safes are critically important for keeping your firearms secured. Choosing the right one is an important decision, but it doesn't have to be a fear-inducing process. When deciding which safe to buy, remember to consider which safe makes you feel confident in its protection.

Your peace of mind is one of the most essential factors in choosing a safe. For a safe that combines the stunning aesthetics you appreciate with the heavy-duty protection you require, Mycube draws on 100 years of past experience to integrate safe technology into everyday life.

If you're still unsure which safe suits your needs the best, try taking our quiz to find the perfect option for you. With a variety of colors, sizes, and locks, the best safe for you is just a few clicks away.


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