Why I love MyCube

Why I love MyCube

Building MyCube has been a true labor of love. When I first had the idea of the company I was in college and I saw many of my peers go through the pain of losing valuables or having their possessions stolen from their dorms. With laptops carrying thousands of dollars of replacement value, I felt that there needed to be a solution to keep valuables safe and keep them charged.

I didn't pursue MyCube right away. After graduating college and working in the corporate workplace for about four years, I always kept the idea of a colorful safe in the back of my mind, but I wanted to get some work experience first. As soon as I had the chance to start a company, I took it. Part of my motivation was to honor my grandfather who I always admired and who always set such a positive example for me. My grandfather built a jewelry safe and vault company that served many of the world's foremost jewelers. I saw the relationships he built with his jewelry safe clients and the reputation he had as a good businessman who cared for his customers and his community. So much of building MyCube was to be able to continue his legacy, and I think he would be very proud if he knew that MyCube existed today.

MyCube is very much a family business. Most of the people in my family - from my brother and my mom - have had a significant hand in working on MyCube. My mom is my co-founder and I'm so grateful for the opportunity that we have to work together to build MyCube. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service and in our attention to detail, and we view our clients as our family too. I simply wanted to take a minute to thank you for choosing MyCube and tell you a little about the background of the company and how we got started. I'm grateful for the lessons that my grandfather taught me and for the opportunity to have you as a part of the MyCube family.

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