Where’s the battery pack on our MyCube security safe?

Where’s the battery pack on our MyCube security safe?

We sometimes get questions from our customers asking us where the battery pack is located in our MyCube and MyCube Mini security safe. As mentioned, it's really important to keep your keypad charged, and the best way to do this is to change the batteries every year to ensure that they don't run out unexpectedly.

To locate your battery pack, open your MyCube door on your security safe and swing it all the way open. On the back of the inside door panel, you will notice a back plastic covering with a screw on the top of it. This is the battery pack which houses 4AA batteries.

To open the battery pack, you will want to locate the allen wrench that came with your MyCube security safe, which is what you can use for all screws on your MyCube safe. The allen wrench is included in the hardware pack that comes with your safe, which also has the manual keys, batteries, screws and washers. Depending on which model safe you have, the allen wrench is either a 3mm allen wrench, or it's a T-25 Torx key (this screw top looks more like a starfish.)

Take the wrench that came with your MyCube security safe and place it in the top of the screw head to open the battery pack. You can also see a video demonstration of the location of the battery pack on the Videos section of our website. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask by emailing us at info@mycubesafe.com or calling us at 800.590.1592

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