What MyCube customer are you most like?
What MyCube customer are you most like?

We thought it would be interesting for you to hear about the types of clients we have who use MyCubes most. I'm sure you can relate to one of these groups and envision how a MyCube could work for you too! People buy our safes for their homes and as hotel safes as well.

We get a lot of young professionals living in urban apartments who have doormen and who consistently have people in and out of their home - from friends and family, to supers and maids. These folks are on the up and up and need a safe to store their growing watch collection, cash, passports, and hardware wallets to store their Bitcoin.

Designers love our safes for their sense of style and attention to detail. We work with designers all over the country who recommend MyCube safes for their clients' projects, and who use MyCubes for their own homes as well.

Moms on the go love our safes because they have so much going on and want to know that their stuff is in a safe place and will be there when they go back to it. MyCube gives them a certain "MyCube feeling" in knowing that they have one less thing to worry about.

We service lots of boutique hotels who love our custom color hotel safes for their properties. Many boutique hotels have unique styles and decors for which basic hotel safes are an unfit match. These properties use MyCube to keep congruence throughout their design aesthetic and order our custom hotel safes in all types of colors and sizes perfect for their properties.