The Key to Sales: Empathy

The Key to Sales: Empathy

"You either have it or you don't." Not every person has that magic to become a super salesperson, but you definitely can learn how to! It requires empathy, patience, persistence and drive. You have to be like a chameleon - to be able to adapt to the personalities of the people you are targeting to sell. It requires finesse, extreme follow through and a "never give up" attitude. You must have a systematic approach and be organized. And you have to genuinely like people! This is most important. You must seek to connect with the people you want to work with and take a genuine interest in their work and how you can provide a solution they can't get elsewhere. 

So if you believe these are your characteristics and you want to go down this road then do the following: know your product inside and out, and then network everywhere - sell yourself and be your own brand. Make sure you emphasize the importance of educating and delivering value. It's not just enough to have a great product today. The market is crowded. How can you educate your client on your product, on your experience, and on the benefits of paying attention to you. How can you add tremendous value to your clients' lives so that they feel they can't afford not to work with you. 

Be charismatic. Smile at everyone you meet! Read books like "Crushing It" by Gary Vaynerchuk, watch YouTube videos on the art of selling, listen to podcasts. Write your sales pitch and practice your script over and over again. Record it, listen and revise. You need to feel comfortable and confident.

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