Best Housewarming Gifts: Top 8 Stylish Ideas
Best Housewarming Gifts: Top 8 Stylish Ideas

Housewarming parties are always a great chance to show your appreciation for someone through gifts. Yet, getting these gifts can turn into a delicate social operation. This is because not all housewarmings are really the same. Your friends moving into an apartment is one thing - but if you have a relative getting married and moving into a new place, that feels like it warrants something a little bit more special. Similarly, if your child is moving into their first apartment, you might want to help them with a bit of extra furnishing.

You also have to try to figure out how to stand out amidst a sea of gifts. If everyone gets the freshly married couple a blender, well… there are few people who love smoothies enough to need to mass-produce them. If you're stumped for housewarming gift ideas, don't worry. This piece will give some ideas on how to match the practical with the stylish, for gifts that will be appreciated and remembered.

#8 House Plants

It's hard to disagree that house plants are stylish. They're certainly an "in" item when it comes to fashion, especially with so many of us eager to bring the outside inside after the past pandemic years. But not enough people are talking about the health benefits of these plants as well. Putting some greenery in a new home can help brighten the mood and improve the quality of the air. A houseplant can really be the gift that keeps on giving.

#7 Linens

Linens and towels are something that we tend to take for granted until we realize that we need to put them in the wash and have no replacement. Getting some new linens can be a great addition to any new space. These could be bedsheets, but towels are great as well. However, if you want a really personalized and stylish gift, why not look into blankets, including those with custom printing? These can help keep your friends and family warm in winter while reminding them of you - and your great taste. Another great option is comfy and colorful pillows, sure to bring some extra cheer into any space.

#6 Welcome Mat

Another fun piece of furnishing to customize is the welcome mat. Not only is it a cute place to put a message to any guests, but it will also help the new homeowner keep their space clear of dirt and dust (or snow and salt, depending on where you live). A colorful welcome mat can also help liven up an entrance hall or doorway, giving a warm and inviting feeling to the new space.

#5 Stationary

If your gift recipient is going to be setting up a home office in their new space, why not help them make it as stylish an office as possible with the gift of customized stationery? This will help them better organize their office, and add a personalized flair as well. Other useful home office purchases can include desk organizers, return address stamps, or a set of personalized cards - for when it's their turn to get out there and start giving.

#4 Bartending Accessories

A bottle of wine (or whisky, if that's more your speed) is a pretty common housewarming gift. It's classy and classic at the same time - plus it's something that you can possibly enjoy a bit of one day if you're lucky enough to be visiting. However, if you want to take this gift concept a bit further, why not opt for some home bartending accessories? From sets of glasses, to drink mixers, to whisky granite stones, to wine coolers, these kinds of gifts are ways to add an extra bit of style and convenience to happy hour.

#3 Cheeseboards

It would be a mistake to talk about wine without mentioning the accompanying cheese as well. Kitchen gifts are an oldie but a goodie when it comes to housewarming gifts. However, it's rare that their style actually gets to be enjoyed out in the open. Cheeseboards, and other serving plates, are a great exception to this since they can be brought out for any sort of party, gathering, or get-together.

2 Candles et Al

One problem with any new space is that it can take time for it to really start to feel like home. Getting some scented candles is a great way to help make a new place feel like a real home. You can even buy candles designed to evoke a specific feeling or place, to make sure that the gift is a really special one. If you want something a bit more permanent, you can find plenty of very chic candle holders, letting you provide a memorable decorative centerpiece gift.

#1 Stylish Home Safe

Of course, one of the best gifts you can give is that of security. And what better way to mix style and security than with a small home safe? And if you are looking for the best small home safes - then look no further. The Mycube Mini makes an excellent house furnishing gift, letting the recipient protect their valuables and add a designer finish to their personal safe. It even comes in a very fetching shade of Tiffany Blue! The Biocube Mini is also a great small home safe that is easy as pie to use.

The best part of getting someone a safe as a housewarming gift is that it serves as security for any other wonderful small gifts or heirlooms they have. Mycube becomes a gift that lets someone enjoy other gifts even more, by being able to rest assured that they aren't at risk of being lost or stolen. And what could be better than that?