Sneaky Placements - How to Hide a Safe
Sneaky Placements - How to Hide a Safe

One of the great things about Mycube personal safes is that they are so secure, you can flaunt them wherever you like. Their sleek and stylish design has made them as much a popular decorative piece as they are personal safes. However, shocking as some might be, some customers want to put more emphasis on concealing their safe rather than showing it off. Of course, our customers are as clever as they are fashionable, and we've had some feedback on some very creative safe placements. This blog will go over a wide variety of places to tuck a safe away, from the traditional to the unorthodox.

Why Hide Your Safe?

At Mycube, we're dedicated to making personal safes that are as great at furnishing a space as they are functional. We're dedicated to our mission of making sure that you don't have to put up with beige monstrosities. However, there are some situations where you might want to pride style over discretion, as crazy as that sounds. There are a few main reasons to do this. Firstly is simply an extra layer of security - if no one knows that you have something in a safe, or have a safe at all, they're less likely to get overly curious about it. The second is simple privacy. Some things you just don't want people to know you are securing. Lastly is safety - if you have something potentially dangerous like a firearm, it's a good idea to keep even the knowledge of it away from visitors or children, locked away in the best home gun safe possible. With that in mind, here are some of our top picks of places to conceal a safe - many inspired by our own customers' feedback.

Under the Bed

When you're a kid, it's only natural to try to hide your most valuable belongings under the bed. This instinct may have had more to it than you thought. The upside of placing a small home safe under the bed is that it's the last place that most adults are going to think to look. The downside is that if you are trying to find the best home gun safe location to keep a firearm away from children… well, this ain't it. Just like when you were a kid, children are going to love poking under the bed. This location can also be very difficult to access unless you have something like a set of drawers under the bed.


Speaking of drawers, they can be a great place to conceal a mini safe, turning a regular dresser into a secret hiding spot for your every-day possessions. While a small home safe in a drawer can normally be something of a hassle to access, we have you covered in this regard with the in-drawer version of our Biocube, which gets secured in placed with our pre-drilled bolt holes and installation hardware kit. This is a great way to match convenience with discretion.

Bedroom Closet

Your bedroom closet tends to have a variety of shelves and drawers that all make great places to tuck a personal safe. If you want a place that will be less likely to be investigated, you can also try adding a concealment door in your closet shelving system.

Linen Closet

The linen closet is a great place to put a safe for a few reasons. Firstly, it's likely that you'll have shelving already installed here, which is perfect for properly securing a Mycube personal safe. Secondly, it's a place that is normally out of the way and not seen by guests, but still easily accessible when you need it.

Laundry Room

Don't have a dedicated linen closet? Well, you probably still have a laundry closet or laundry room. And this is also a great place to stash a mini safe, for the same reason. It's a fairly innocuous room, but will likely have plenty of shelves or cupboards to stash your Mycube.


A pantry is sort of like a closet for food, right? A lot of Mycube customers have taken to secreting their mini safes in their pantries and we have to applaud their ingenuity. This is one of the last places that someone with ill intent would look for a safe, but it's still easily accessible when you need it - and also easily concealable by cans of food.

Under the Sink

The pantry isn't the only place in the kitchen that is great to stash a small home safe. Most people will assume that you're only keeping cleaning supplies and the like under the sink, so this can be a great place to put a mini safe. This personal safe will be a secret kept just between you and your plumber.


Traditionally, garages haven't been the oddest place for safes. Their concrete floors have made them a popular place for those overly large home gun safes. However, they can also play host to a more modest size of safe as well. If you have a garage with lots of drawers and cabinets, it might be a great place to conceal a small home safe. It's an especially good place to store a fireproof safe - the concrete will help the safe in minimizing heat and fire damage.

The Attic

If it's convenience you're looking for, the attic might not be the best place to put a personal safe. If you're just looking for secrecy and protection, however, this might be a good place to look. One of the best parts of putting a safe in the attic is that no one is going to judge if this room is cluttered. This means that you can strategically place furniture in such a way to block access to the safe if you want to keep it away from prying eyes. Of course, these recommendations are just the tip of the iceberg. There have been plenty of crazy-cool renovations done to make rooms for safes, such as turning stairs into drawers. If you have a good idea for a place to stash a Mycube, shoot us a message - we're always excited to hear your creativity.