Me, Myself and iSafety
Me, Myself and iSafety

Me, Myself, and iSafety: Trusting a Smart Safe for Your Home

These days, smart technology is being incorporated into every part of our homes. From smart TVs to smart fridges, these devices help leverage wireless technology and apps to put control firmly in our hands - in the forms of our smartphones, that is. 

And if we can have smart kitchen appliances, why not smart safes? With Mycube’s iCube, you can get a safe that is not only well connected but secure too. This marriage of convenience with safety makes it one of the best home safes out there. What’s not to love?


How Does MyCube iCube Work?

How does a smart safe work anyways? The idea behind this small home safe is that it can be operated entirely through the app. The ability to open the safe is thus only in your hands, and the hands of any family member you desire. End-to-end cloud security platforms, tamper alerts, and a robust frame make the iCube the last word in smart home safe boxes. 

What’s The Difference Between Wifi and Bluetooth Safes?

When looking up smart safes, you’ll often see them referred to as Wifi or Bluetooth safes. This simply refers to how your home safe box communicates with the device (generally a smartphone) used to unlock it. Wifi means there is an actual internet connection being used - Bluetooth refers to a specific form of short-range wireless communication. All these safes, however, still require the user to plug in their passcode to their safe and not ba able to control their safe from their phone.


So which does the iCube smart safe use? The answer is… neither! We wanted to design the best home safe possible and didn’t want users to have to worry about potential security issues with WiFi or Bluetooth. The iCube uses the secure Mycube cellular cloud - no WiFi or Bluetooth required. This makes it rank among the best home safes when it comes to security. 


The iCube App 

The iCube App does a lot more than just open your smart safe. The App allows you to share access with the safe to anyone you want, letting your family get access as well. The App also features inventory management - you can catalog the inventory with photos that the App will let you refer to any time. The App will even inform you of anyone trying to tamper with the safe, giving you peace of mind the rest of the time. 

Get an iCube Today

The robustly built iCube is among the toughest small home safes out there. If you’re looking for a smart safe that offers the security of the strongest home safe boxes, then look no further. Not only is the iCube one of the most convenient smart safes, but it’s also one of the best home safe options when it comes to security and safety. Whether protecting jewelry, documents, or firearms, make sure to check out the iCube and our other products in our online store.