Go Big or Go Home? Finding Safety in a Small Safe
Go Big or Go Home? Finding Safety in a Small Safe

Go Big or Go Home? Finding Safety in a Small Safe

Who says bigger is always better? When it comes to guns, jewelry, passports, or other valuables, at Mycube, size doesn't matter. We'll detail here in this blog why a small safe can make big sense. Specifically, we'll be looking at our "mini" line of safes, including the MyCube Mini and the BioCube Mini. These are some of the best small home safes out there - and here's why. 

  1. Designed for Valuables

Very often, you'll find that a larger safe is simply overkill. Think about the valuables that are most common for people to want to be secured. A small jewelry safe will be enough to store all your jewelry and have room for your passports and vital documents. Even for items we often buy big safes for, there may not be a need. Consider gun safes. If you have a collection of rifles, you may need a bigger option, sure. But if you just own a handgun, isn't the best small gun safe better than a more unwieldy large option you aren't making the most of?

  1. Great for Papers

Speaking of documents, the best small home safes are excellent as ways to not only keep your important papers safe but to organize them as well. If it's mainly paperwork and passports that you want to protect, a larger safe is only going to lead to clutter. A small home safe will keep these documents safe, easy to access, and neatly organized. 

  1. Made for Drawers and Closets

Sure, getting a safe seems important and all - but where are you going to put it? The best small home safes will give you a lot more leeway when it comes to finding a place for them. With something like our Biocube In Drawer safe, you can easily fit a small jewelry safe in your closet or even a chest of drawers - a lifesaver when it comes to trying to organize your bedroom spaces. You can protect your valuables, and cut down on clutter as well. 

  1. Discrete and Secret

The fact that you can fit the best small home safes into places like closets or drawers means that they can be much more discreet than other safes. Thick steel is one line of defense against thieves. A better kind of defense is if they never find the safe at all! This is especially important when it comes to gun storage. It's best to keep children ignorant of where your gun is kept - and any invader in your house clueless about where your small gun safe is located. 

  1. The Perfect Size and Shape

Of course, sometimes a small safe can be too small. It's a difficult balance to strike, and one that we are well aware of. We've taken a lot of consideration into designing the shape of our Mini Cubes. And our customer feedback has been entirely positive. Our safes are big enough to fit most sizes of laptops, but don't take up so many cubic feet that they become a hassle. And with their secure tamper-proof bolts, digital keypad, ⅛ inch thick steel frame, and bolt-in hardware kits, they provide both quick access and amazing security. Whether you're looking for a secure small jewelry safe, or discrete handgun safe, our Mini options deliver. Make sure to check out our store to browse all our options.