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Sleek Hotel Safes

Why shouldn’t safes in your hotel room be as important as the feel of luxurious towels and linens or ambient remote-controlled lighting? We at MyCube believe they are! Safes give people the ability to secure precious items that they cannot afford to lose - especially while traveling. From passports, watches and cash, to jewelry and car keys, it’s imperative you protect your valuables while away from home. 

Safes don’t have to be hidden in dark closets in hotel rooms, inaccessible and difficult to access in drawers low to the ground. They are a safe product and therefore should be accessible for ease of use and access.

MyCube makes safes in happy colors and designer finishes. Safes that are easy to use, convenient, where there is plenty of room to secure your laptop, passport, jewelry and cash. You have tranquility with MyCube. You can go for a workout, a run outdoors, or have a meal with family knowing your valuables are secure in your room when the chambermaid comes to clean. We are an important part of your hotel experience and we help make your travel free from worry!

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