Rock Your Locks: What are the Different Kinds of Safe Lock Mechanism?
Rock Your Locks: What are the Different Kinds of Safe Lock Mechanism?

Biometric safes, fingerprint safes, keypad safes - there have never been more ways to keep your valuables secure in a safe. And the kinds of locks available are only growing, as more and more ingenuity is applied to safe construction. While choice is always a good thing, it can make it difficult to choose the right option. Who cares what the best biometric safe is if you don't even know what biometric means! This quick guide will give a brief overview of the variety of options available for styles of safe.

Combination Safes

The classic style of safe - when people think of safes, this is exactly what they think of. Combination dial safes use a complicated set of mechanical parts within them to work. As you turn the dial, a series of mechanisms "line up" inside the safe. When all of these mechanisms are properly lined up, you're able to open the safe.

Unfortunately, combination safes have been around so long that "safecracking" them has become a widely understood skill. Combination safes are also slow, complex, and inconvenient for actual home use. Anyone who has struggled with locker combinations in high school will know how finicky these devices can be.

Key Safe

The oldest form of safe, also known as the lockbox, the key safe is fairly straightforward. You unlock the safe with a key or keys, just like your front door. Key locks work by having the inner mechanisms of the lock require that a specific set of grooves found on a specific key.

Unfortunately, just as safes are prone to safecracking, key safes are prone to lockpicking. Key safes are even more insecure due to the fact that the key itself serves as a point of weakness - the key could be stolen or lost, possibly necessitating changing the locks.


Keypad safes run on the same principle as combination safes - put in the right combination of numbers, open the safe. However, keypad safes work by an electronic touchpad lock, rather than a mechanical one. You can program in your own codes to your keypad safe - when the code is entered in again, the safe opens.

Keypad safes may be prone to having their codes stolen or forgotten - but they are much less easy to break into than a combination lock since you can't safecrack them as easily. There's also less fumbling with a dial to get it "just right".


Biometric safes are on the cutting edge of home security technology. Biometric safes work by recording a bit of data about your body that is entirely unique - most commonly, fingerprints. The best biometric safes will let you store multiple forms of data. This means that you could have the fingerprints of all your family logged on one safe.

The best biometric safes are much more secure than the mechanical examples given above. If someone's biometrics aren't on the lock, they aren't getting in, simple as that. Biometric safes are also very convenient - once you've set it up, it's as easy as putting your finger on the lock. Many biometric safes have redundancy with a keypad so you have the option of choosing whether you want to enter your code or your fingerprint.


Could there be an easier way to open a safe than touching it? What if there was a lock where you didn't have to touch it at all? Wireless locks, or smart locks, allow you to unlock your safe from a remote device like a smartphone. These devices use a variety of secure apps to connect directly to your safe, letting you unlock it remotely with a touch.

Wireless locks are among the most convenient. Their level of security varies depending on the type of lock, and how the app works to unlock them. You'll want to do your research with these to make sure you're getting the most secure option possible. Our iCube safe incorporates the most secure encrypted technology on the market making our smart lock the best in the industry.

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