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Protect your valuables with style!

MyCube prides itself on the style of its products. Our safes are the best safes for a designer look and feel. When we first built the company, we wanted to create the best safes that not only protected valuables, but that also were stylish and could even be viewed as a fashion statement in the home. With clients that range from designers, artists, architects, and boutique hotels, we know that people all over value MyCube for the sense of style we bring to our products.

Some of our best safes that are most popular are the Orange and Blue MyCube Classic safes that feature a high-gloss finish and interior charging outlet. People also love the Tiffany Blue Mini MyCube, which commemorates one of the most iconic jewelry brands in the world. We’ve done custom color safes for private residences in red and off-white. Our website shows our full product line and presents lifestyle photos, which show MyCubes in closets and other areas of the home where they are most used.

See the ways you too can add bursts of color (and security) to your home with our MyCube colorful line of safes.

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