How to Protect Your Valuables From Property Crimes
How to Protect Your Valuables From Property Crimes

No matter where one lives, people will have a desire to keep their home safe. Dealing with thievery is simply a part of being human, though some places are more at risk than others. There are many areas within the country that have an elevated risk of property crime.

This piece will give a quick overview of the things that you can do to reduce the chance of being the victim of property crime, as well as mitigate the damage done if your home is broken into. Even if you are insured, property crime can be a nightmare in the stress and clean-up time it causes. And all of us own some items that simply cannot be replaced. Thankfully, there are a few ways that anyone can keep their property and home safe.

Start With Your Property

Making sure that you are protected against property crime starts before you even own your home. Depending on what county you live in, property crime could be a minor or major concern. Property crime is still a high threat in the US so you want to think ahead of time before you move into your home.

Most of us do at least some research about areas before we invest in a home or apartment there. When looking up public transport and amenities in an area, you should also take the time to look up property crime statistics. While nowhere is perfectly safe from property crime, you don't want to accidentally stumble into an area or building where property crime is going to be a constant concern.

Home Alarm Systems Help

Many people assume that with a small gun safe or jewelry safe for closets, they're good when it comes to property crime. However, even if someone can't access your valuables, they still may do damage by ransacking your home. It's better that they leave immediately, or never enter at all.

A home alarm system can work both as a warning, and as a deterrent. And a surprisingly effective one at that - an estimated 9 out of 10 criminals reported that they attempt to avoid homes with alarm systems at all costs. While it may seem strange to advertise your defense mechanisms, making it clear that your home is protected by an alarm system can stop trouble before it begins.

Never Advertise Your Absence

Criminals who specialize in theft can be very clever at their work and are always looking for an easy job. That's why one of the best home safety tips is to never advertise when your home is vulnerable. If you are going to go on vacation or a trip, you should make sure that someone you know can come around to tend to your home and make it look like it is lived in. Keeping the lights on all the time might not be worth the electricity bills, but a home sitter can go a long way to keeping your home safe.

Invest in Home Safes

No matter how good you are at warding off intruders, there may come a time when a thief is in your living space. In this case, it becomes less a matter of protecting all your valuables, and more a question of "theft triage".

Many thieves will want to target smaller items that they can easily carry away - a thief lugging out a widescreen television is pretty slow and obvious. Your jewelry, documents, and small devices, however, can be easily stashed in a pocket.

This is why it is important to invest in the best home safes possible. A good jewelry safe can keep your valuables secure against even the most dedicated thieves. In many cases, this can even possibly protect you from serious harm. Without a small gun safe to secure your handgun, an intruder could possibly gain control of your firearm, and use it to threaten you and your family.

Keep Your Safes Discreetly Placed

The most dedicated thieves may bring the tools to try and crack a safe, or pull it right out of its mountings. While the best home safes will be able to withstand these safecrackers, you still don't want a thief sticking around in your home any longer than possible. Placing safes in discrete locations may make them less convenient - but intruders may not even realize they are there.

There are plenty of great jewelry safes for closets, including those that fit neatly into drawers. By selecting a compact model, you can keep a small jewelry safe or small gun safe out of the open. (Making sure your small gun safes are concealed is also very important if you have children in your home)

Restrict Safe Access

The more people know how to access your safe, the more vulnerable your valuables are to potential theft. Even if you trust all your family implicitly, there are many ways for access to a safe to be compromised. For example, if you have a keypad safe and write the combination down somewhere, that combination information might be stolen.

Thankfully, there are plenty of increasingly advanced safe locking mechanisms that increase the difficulty of access for those you don't want to get in. From biometric safes to wirelessly controlled safes, there are a variety of advanced locking mechanisms available that can keep you one step ahead of any home intruder.

These mechanisms will allow you to keep the pool of people you want to have access to your safe as small as possible. The fewer people who have the right to access your safe, the more secure your valuables will be inside.

Get The Best Home Safes For Your Valuables

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