Preventing Accidents at Home: The Case for a Handgun Safe
Preventing Accidents at Home: The Case for a Handgun Safe

Preventing Accidents at Home: The Case for a Handgun Safe

Did you know that easy access to guns in the home results in high rates of accidental gun death or gun accidents? A gun safe or safety box isn't just an added "perk" as a gun owner but a necessity for those who feel morally obliged to keep others and themselves safe at home.

We detail this in our post, including necessary gun safety tips, statistics on guns in homes, and summarizing why Mycube makes it easy to uphold gun safety in a fashionable and

sophisticated way.

Why Gun Safety In The Home Matters

Many people keep guns in their homes for the purpose of safety and security. In fact, personal protection is the most cited reason for seeking gun ownership. This goal can backfire, however, if your gun becomes a safety hazard on its own. 

A gun is, by its nature, a lethal weapon. Whenever anyone has access to it, the chance of an accident increases, or the gun being used by someone other than its owner for murder or assault. Many may not realize that the most common form of gun-related death is actually suicide. What is interesting to note is that when guns are properly put into a gun safe, they are significantly less likely to be used in a suicide. This is because many suicides happen during a mental health crisis, which is often temporary. By the time someone can access the gun, the crisis moment will have passed. 

Children and Firearms

If you live alone, having a biometric gun safe or fingerprint gun safe can make a significant impact on your own safety. However, having a proper handgun safe is absolutely vital if you live in a house with children.


The statistics here are truly shocking. Over 4.5 million minors in the US live in a house with a firearm that is not properly secured. If that alone doesn't make you want to run out and get the best gun safe, it gets worse. Over 70% of children living in homes with guns report knowing where their parents kept their guns, and 36% report handling the weapons… while a quarter of parents were unaware that their child had done so. 


There are plenty of things we don't trust children with, and guns should be added to that list. It's easy for children to accidentally hurt themselves or others if they manage to get their hands on a firearm that should have been safely stored. 400-500 unintentional firearm deaths happen every year - and a large portion of those deaths are children playing with a firearm


Firearms that are unlocked at home also are extremely commonly used in youth suicides. The end result is that if there is a firearm in a house with children that is not properly stored in a handgun safe, it's a potentially life-threatening risk every day it remains unsecured. 


Even if an accident never happens, in many states, leaving a gun outside of a handgun safe around children could even count as criminal negligence. 


How to Be a Responsible Gun Owner

As you can see, being a responsible gun owner is key to not only your safety but to the safety of your friends and family as well. Being a truly responsible gun owner takes years of ingrained discipline and care. However, there are some steps that anyone can take immediately to make their home safer. 

  • However you secure your guns, make sure that they are not in an area that children can easily reach. High shelves in closets are better than a drawer a child can open
  • Start discussing responsible gun ownership as soon as your children can understand it. In many gun accidents, children reported mistaking a gun for a toy version. It should be made very clear to children that the gun is potentially dangerous
  • Always keep guns unloaded when not in use. If needed, a small gun safe can be used to store ammunition separately
  • Keep your guns stored in a secure location, such as a biometric gun safe or fingerprint gun safe. 
  • If using a keypad gun safe, make sure your children don't learn the code. The biometric gun safes or fingerprint gun safes mentioned previously can remove the worry of anyone accessing the gun that you don't want to. 

Modern Options for Gun Safes

Many people hesitate on getting a gun safe because their idea of a gun safe is outdated. They imagine a large eyesore with a combination or keypad lock. However, there is no reason that you need to compromise ease of use for safety. You need only look as far as our selection at Mycube to see this.


Our Mycube safes come in sleek, reasonable sizes, multiple colors that blend in easily with a room, and are simple to install. They can make the perfect small gun safe, secure against any attempt to break in with its tamper-proof bolts. If you're specifically concerned about children accessing your guns, we also offer biometric gun safes with the Biocube. There's no chance of a child figuring out a keypad code - the safe only opens for those that you register to have access. 


Best of all, the Biocube comes with a discrete in-drawer version as well. This lets you easily hide your firearms from children or intruders while getting all the security of the Biocube.


No matter if you're looking for a handgun safe, or to protect your other valuables, Mycube safes are strong, secure, and stylish. Whatever you need to protect, you'll find a solution in our MyCube shop