Creating Order, Fashion and Style at Home with Mycube
Creating Order, Fashion and Style at Home with Mycube

Creating Order, Fashion, and Style at Home with Mycube

Safes aren't just for those with valuable diamonds, multiple international passports, or jewels. They can be a great way to organize and add pizzazz and spice to closets, home organizers, etc. In our post-Marie Kondo world, a desire for organization and tidiness is plentiful, and Mycube is here to help.


Tidy Times

When Marie Kondo got a Netflix series, we all knew that the tidiness movement was here to stay. Everywhere you look, you can find new "organizational gurus" giving advice on how to best manage your clutter. "Tidying up" can mean a few different things these days. On the more extreme end, it can involve going through your home and tossing out items you don't really need anymore. However, there is also a move towards storage - trying to find stylish and elegant containers to serve as homes for items that would otherwise be causing clutter. 


There could be a few reasons for this tendency to tidy. Partially, it's just down to style - minimalist has been the "it" style for a while now, and it's hard to get a minimalist look with belongings strewn everywhere. In some ways, it's a more personal movement, with people wanting to get control of their surroundings in the name of self-improvement. In many cases, there's a tangible benefit as well, given how much time we waste looking for lost items.


It's certain that the COVID-19 pandemic has a hand in this as well. With more people in lockdown, or at least working from home, our living spaces are something we have to interact with more and more. We want a space without the stress of clutter - and hopefully a place worthy of showing off when we can reconnect with friends. 


The upshot is, when it comes to safekeeping our valuables, people are looking for compact and stylish. Bulky and out-of-place lockboxes are out, and sleek and ergonomic options like Mycube are in.


How Mycube Boosts Your Organization Ability

If you're looking for the best jewelry safes, home gun safes, or just a place to put your documents, look no further. When it comes to organizing your most valuable items, there are few better ways to do it. So what makes Mycube an organizational asset? There are a few reasons.


Well Ordered

Organization starts with your containers - and we've made sure that Mycube products make organization easy. Whether you want a single-spaced tray or one of our divided trays, the customizability makes Mycube one of the best jewelry safes out there. When it comes to small valuables, these options let you get the best layout for your specific valuables.


With this, you can get your small valuables out of countertops and drawers, and into a safe and secure location. Your house will have less clutter and your valuables will be safer - a true win-win.



One reason that many hold back on getting home safes is a worry about where to put them, and how they will look in the home. People think of safes, and they think industrial-style lockboxes, or huge, unwieldy home gun safes.


Mycube designs, on the other hand, are all sleek and stylish, and look good no matter if you put them in your closet, or out on a shelf. With multiple color options to match your home and personality, you can make sure that your Mycube will never clash with your design choices. 


As we mentioned, part of the popularity of the "tidying movement" is the idea of taking control of your space and reducing the ways that your space causes your stress. One of the most stressful things can be knowing that you have potentially valuable items laying about unsecured.


Every home has valuable belongings that need safekeeping, whether you realize it or not. While you may not have jewelry, everyone has important documents - whether those are birth certificates, medical papers, or passports. If you have any kind of heirloom, you'll sleep better knowing that it is well of harm's way. A biometric safe can be the best defense against tampering, only allowing those who you permit access to what is inside.


In many cases, protecting certain items becomes a moral obligation. If you own any firearms, it's your responsibility to keep your home safe, and your guns locked away. With a proper and secure home gun safe, you can make sure that only those trusted to handle the weapon can access it. 


Easy to Own

People often assume that the best jewelry safes, or "smart" lockboxes like biometric safes, are too much of a hassle to buy. Thankfully with Mycube safekeeping your valuables has become hassle-free. Our store features easy payment options, a lifetime guarantee as well as a 100- day trial period. Owning your own safe has never been easier. It doesn't matter if it's jewelry safe or a home gun safe, nor if it's a biometric safe or a keypad version. 

Get to Safekeeping Your Valuables Now

If you're looking to make your house more secure and organized, make sure to browse all of our Mycube products in our store. No matter what you need to keep safe, or where you want to place your safe, we have a stylish, secure solution for you.