Bring Mycube Style to Work
Bring Mycube Style to Work

At Mycube, we've sung the praises of putting a personal safe in your home office before. However, we may have been a bit hasty in assuming everyone is now working from home. There are plenty of us who still have to make the trek out to the office, wherever that be. However, there's no reason you can't have the comforts of home even while you're working. This blog will make the case for getting a safe for office use, so you can better enjoy the Mycube experience no matter where you're working.

Why Get a Work Safe?

Some people might think that a safe for office use is too much of a hassle. What's the benefit of getting an office safe if you already have one at home? The real question should be this - if you're already enjoying the benefits of a Mycube at home, why not get that same warm and fuzzy safe-owner feeling at work? There are three main reasons to get a small personal safe for your workspace. Firstly is organization. Any office space is sure to accumulate plenty of documents and papers. And that's before you factor in other important belongings, such as company laptops and USBs. If you can make sure that all of these are in the exact same space at the end of every day, you'll save yourself the headache of searching for them when you really need them. A Mycube can also bring security to the workspace. A lot of work-related documents can be confidential or sensitive. Losing a work laptop to theft, for example, could be an utter disaster. So why take the risk of leaving it in the office, or shuffling it back and forth from work to home? A safe in the office will give you a place to store it in confidence. Finally, let's be real - the Mycube just looks plain sleek. People are doing their best to make their workspace an enjoyable place to be in. A few potted plants might help, but a Mycube will add some real flair to your shelf or desk space.

Picking the Right Work Safe

So what's the best choice for an at-work safe? There are a few things to consider. Firstly, is how much space you have. Not all of us are at a point in our lives where we have that legendary corner office, after all. A mini-safe can be the right choice if you have a smaller office. As far as security goes, it should be noted that an office setting does create a slightly different security environment than your home. The differing factor is people. At your home, you'll probably be using your safe only around family and friends. At work, you might need to access the safe in front of a lot of people. To avoid people peeking at your code input, we'd recommend a biometric safe. And if you are one of those small office people, we have a Biocube Mini just for you. Lastly, you will need to do a check on installation. To get the most out of your Mycube, you'll want to have it double secured to two surfaces. Your office may or may not be okay with this, so you should check with them first. If you've been at your company for a long while, they'll probably be more amenable than if you're a freshly arrived intern. Of course, once you get a Mycube installed, don't be surprised if everyone else in the office soon has one as well!